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The Unemployment Tax Advisory Difference

At Unemployment Tax Advisory we work to reduce the Employer's Unemployment Compensation Tax Rate. We guarantee it.

It's the Benefit Charges (claim payments) levied against your account that drive your Unemployment Tax Rate upward. Therefore, what we do is reduce and control the Benefit Charges levied against your account. Our service is similar to that of an insurance adjustor. When dealing with an insurance claim, a professional can often get you a much better result than you can get yourself. Remember this important fact: An insurance company is trying to limit its liability, whereas the State has a mandate to pay benefits wherever it can, then charge it off to you.

Our service will eliminate unnecessary and excessive charges wherever possible, so that you pay the least possible tax. The way Unemployment works, an ounce of prevention can be worth a pound of cure. That's why we take a comprehensive and pro-active approach to Unemployment Compensation Cost Control. We are an independent company, dedicated to personal service. We specialise exclusively in UC Cost Control.

You should be aware: Our service cannot help everyone. One employer may have excellent leverage over the factors which affect what they pay. The next Employer may not.

Whether an Employer has a high rate or a low rate really doesn't matter... at all ! When we reduce a rate from 8% to 7%, or when we reduce a rate from 3% to 2%, we have saved that Employer exactly the same amount of money. What counts is not how high your rate may be. What counts is whether it can be reduced.

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