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She was doing her best to improve her performance, but she got fired anyway. That's not misconduct on her part.
It's hard to find anything this guy did wrong or what harm he caused to anyone. He did just as he was advised to to. Why did they fire him?
Got upset and refused to sign two performance review memos.
The employer says she quit. She denies it. That puts the burden of proof on the employer to prove that she quit.
He says he appealed too late because he never received the department's decision. But the court says he cannot prevail because he did not prove it was the post office's fault.
The employer did not show that their policy was uniformly enforced.
He thought the department would call him in time for the telephone hearing. Not so; he was supposed to call them.
Repeatedly tardy despite warnings.
No call and no show amounts to a voluntary quit.
Failed to show up for his first hearing. Asked for a second. failed to show up again. Asks for a third. Doesn't get it.
Quit because her pay was frequently late, among other things.
They said he worked too slow. When they docked his pay for it, he quit. How is it misconduct to quit when you don't get paid?
She maintains that she was pushed out because she refused to lie to a health inspector.
During her hearing, her cell phone repeatedly disconnected.
It was a freezing day. He borrowed what he thought was an abandoned a coat without permission in order to run out and fetch his coat. Does he deserve to get fired for this?
Trouble with pictures from the internet.
He says he quit because of unsafe conditions. The employer says he never brought these problems to their attention.
Says the reason he fell asleep on the job was because of the medications he had to take.
Wilma Young
After twenty years, she sued the company for sexual discrimination. They said they'd settle the case for 20 grand if she quit. She took the money and quit. Now she wants unemployment. The court gives it to her.
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