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SUTA dumping is when an employer tranfers employees from an account with a high unemployment tax rate to another account with a lower tax rate, to avoid tax. Here, in an attempt to undo SUTA dumping, the state agency overstepped it's authority.
After a hearing decision had already been made, the state agency lost the hearing transcript, so they had to hold a new hearing.
She refused to sign a last chance agreement and return to work after suspension.
Laid off from her full time job. Quit her part-time job to seek work elsewhere.
They put him on salary, then upped his schedule to 66 hours a week. No overtime. No raise. No way.
His benefits are reduced by half the amount of his social security pension. He maintains this regulation discriminates against the elderly.
Laid off for lack of work when the business was sold.
She didn't like her new cubicle, so she quit.
For six years, he never took a lunch break. So they fired him. Now the state agency doesn't want to listen to him because he missed a filing deadline.
She transferred from a Montana store to a Colorado store; then was let go. The department doesn't want to pay her unemployment, saying that her transfer amounts to a quit.
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Her children had health problems, and so did she. So she quit.
School kitchen workers cannot collect during summer vacation.
He loses his unemployment benefits because he withdrew money from a retirement account.
His work for a large multi-state non-profit organization qualifies him for unemployment.
A company contracted with a consultant. That doesn't make him a contractor instead of an employee.
They hired him full time, but only gave him a few hours a week. He quit.
Carpal tunnel. Had surgery. Came back. No work. She could not look for work because that would have jeopardized her disability claim. She cannot collect unemployment because she did not look for work.
Fired for falsifying a letter to hide details of his arrest. But because this letter was not a company document, he collects unemployment.
They say it was severance. She says it was money they paid her to avoid claims.
He programmed computers which booked flights for an airline. After 911, there were fewer bookings, therefore fewer flights. He was laid off. He qualifies for temporary extended unemployment benefits.
She collected toilet paper rolls that got so tiny that they fell off the dispenser onto the floor. She sent them to the troops overseas, who like to have tiny rolls that fit in their pockets. The hospital fired her for theft.
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They missed the filing date, so the state doesn't want to allow them to transfer tax rates with three businesses they bought.
University of Colorado
A hearings officer changes his decision even though the appeal came too late.
Has to pay back unemplouyment benefits because he did not report money he earned while collecting.
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