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Here's a guy who was fired because he wanted to work. One snowy day, the company opened late. He arrived early. He complained that he wanted to work. On the pretext that his complaints did not follow procedure, they fired him. And, get this: he does not collect unemployment.
The Job Service made a mistake and paid her too much money. Now they want her to pay it back. She says it's not her fault and she can't afford it. The court says tough.
He owned a company that went belly up. So the agency wouldn't give him Unemployment, because, they say, since he controlled the company, his unemployment was a voluntary quit.
They went on strike. The company hired replacements. Now they can collect Unemployment.
A worker complained that everyone else was goofing off while only he was working. When he complained to the other workers, they made fun of him. When he complained to management, they did nothing about it. When he refused to work unless the others pitched in, they fired him. He does not collect.
He called a client 30 times and sent her his picture. She complained he was sexually harassing her. They fired him. He does not collect
A carpenter quit because his arm got sore. He doesn't collect because he never told the employer about his problem.
A man with a bad back took a job lifting doors, then quit because he had to lift doors with his bad back. He does not collect.
In March, the company said they would close the plant July 25, and offered employees jobs at its other plants. Several did not take the jobs, but filed for unemployment in August. The court says they collect unemployment, even though they were offered jobs, because the job offers came before the layoff, and not after.
He failed his drug test. But the court says he should collect anyway because of a technicality.
He showed up late when he had trouble finding child care. They gave him a written reprimand, which he refused to sign. He collects.
They wanted him to carry a cell phone and be on call. He refused.
She was supposed to take up a collection to send flowers to a couple of hospitalized colleagues, but instead she spent the money to buy drugs for her husband. When the boss finally found out, he said quit or get fired. She quit. Three judges think she ought to collect.
This trucker was denied Unemployment because the agency said he was an independent contractor. This court says he should collect.
He tested positive for drugs. He said he never used drugs, and asked for a second test. They said he would have to pay for another test himself. He didn't want to. He collects.
This fellow missed his appeal date, but the court wants to cut him some slack.
When he hurt his foot on the job, they gave him a drug test. He failed. But they cannot show that he was impaired on the job.
She collected unemployment, but she had to go to court to get it. Now, she wants someone to pay for her court costs. This court says no.
She was convicted of selling cocaine at home. Her employer had a rule against "illegal, immoral, or indecent conduct". Even though her conduct had nothing to do with work, she doesn't collect.
He was fired for fighting on the job. Everybody tells a different story. He does not collect.
A snow plow driver had a drinking problem.
After 13 years, it looks like work depressed her. She went to see a doctor. Then she quit. She does not collect.
The temp worker avoided six assignments in a row. She does not collect.
A medical staffing company had a rule that an aide who is rejected by two clients would be fired. This aide was kicked out of two places for bad behavior. But then the agency broke their own rule when they brought him back and offered him several more jobs. Therefore, now that he wants to collect unemployment, they cannot claim he was fired for misconduct.
A service manager complained that his dealership was full of fraud. He got in an argument with the dealer and quit. The court says he should collect.
The company president paid himself extra money from the company till and used the company credit to get himself loans. The board found out and canned him. Now, he wants to collect unemployment.
A professor refused to renew her contract. She does not collect unemployment.
She took leave for surgery. When she wanted to extend her leave, they let her go. She collects.
Titan Tire
Strikers collect when the company hires replacements.
She kept filling out her time card wrong. They kept catching her. She does not collect.
They cut him back from full time to less than 30 hours. They had promised a raise, but he hadn't got it. So he quit. He does not collect.
He was injured. He went on leave. His doctor said he could return to restricted duties. The supervisor said they could not use him unless he was 100%. He applied for unemployment. He does not collect.
An alcoholic truck driver never drank and was never drunk on the job, but refused to go to rehab, so he was fired. He doesn't collect.
Ringland Johnson
The owner watched him loading company materials onto his pickup truck. He says he wasn't stealing, just rearranging things. This court says he doesn't collect.
He missed the filing deadline, and they won't budge.
The Job Service gave him bad advice and he lost his benefits because of it. Now they are making him pay back what he already got.
An epileptic grocery bagger didn't take her medicine, so she had half a dozen fits in the store. The store told her she had to take a medical leave. She collects.
She was a lawyer for the DOL, and also had a practise on the side. They found she was calling out sick to take care of her side business. She does not collect.
A school superintendent was fired for performance, though the board tries to make out that it was something else. He collects.
A truck driver had several heart attacks and had to get off the road. The court sends this back to the Board to find out whether the driving caused his heart problems.
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