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The state will garnish their account for back unemployment taxes and they must pay attorney fees.
When he got back from medical leave, he found someone had been hired to replace him and the employer didn't seem to want him there.
People cannot get along with this boss.
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A waitress failed to report all of her tips as earnings. Now she has to pay back the benefits she received.
Closed the business. Therefore, he quit.
A teacher does not collect unemployment during summer vacation. They are not unemployed; they are just on summer break. This concept seems rather simple, yet teachers have challenged it time after time in state after state and always lose.
A contractor allows it drywall installers to elect whether they prefer to be paid as independent contractors ar as employees.
Her schedule was changed. She did not show up.
A trucker lost his license.
Left an angry message on the boss's voice mail.
The patient was dead by the time this LPN wrote that he had administered morphine. Apparently, he had filled the chart out beforehand.
When she gave two weeks notice, to go work with her husband, the company told her don't bother coming in at all. At first, the state agency wanted to pay her for the two weeks between when they told her not to come in and the time she was going to quit. Then, they decided they wanted to pay her the full 26 weeks. But the court says don't pay her at all, because she's the one who quit.
She appealed by letter mailed on the last day. But her letter was not postmarked until the next day, in another city, 50 miles away.
His appeal letter was postmarked one day too late.
She was honest and open, indicating on her application that she would receive severance. The state goofed, and paid her anyway. Now they want the money back
A safety inspector falsified personal inspection records for workers who weren't there. He collects because the company cannot show any specific OSHA regulation saying the worker has to be there!
He is not allowed to present new evidence which was not brought forth at the hearing; regardless of the fact it was not available at the hearing and he had no way to know he needed it until after the hearing.
A manager at a failing company formed a new company to do substantially the same business with the same employees. The new company must inherit the old company's unemployment tax rate and liability.
Zero Defects
Zero Defects has a zero tolerance policy toward drugs. She failed the test. She does not collect.
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