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Kansas Unemployment Case Law
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Trans Am Trucking
A truck driver had three accidents, so they let him go. Was their appeal timely?
A company fights to secure a successor rate.
Hartford Insurance
An injured worker confined to a wheelchair has aides who help him. The insurance company pays for the aides. Yet injured worker personally must pay unemployment taxes on the aides.
Red Line Express
He gave two weeks' notice. They fired him right away.
Kitchen et al
After the strike was over, the company paid them special vacation pay for one of the weeks they were in strike. They have to pay back the unemployment they recieved during that week.
Beverly California Corp.
The employer attached letters and document to the claim forms protesting the claims, but never signed the claim forms. So the state agency dismissed their claims. The court agrees.
Palmer News, Inc.
He gave them five week's notice. They fired him right away. He says he should collect because he was fired. The court says he shouldn't, because they paid him through the time he was going to quit anyway.
Appeals must be filed within 16 days. He filed three days late, and blames the mail. The court says too bad.
The state employment security agency wants a lien on their personal property to pay for Unemployment taxes owed by their bankrupt company. This court says the agency can collect.
While he was out with back surgery, he told his assistant to take care of things. The assisstant did not. When he returned, they fired him for what the assistant hadn't done. He collects.
After one week on the job, she filed for Worker's Comp because of carpal tunnel. They fired her for falsifying her application, where she had stated she was not injured. So she does not collect worker's comp; he collects unemployment.
He quit when the employer ceased to be a union shop. He does not collect.
A welder cussed out the supervisor.
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