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Maine Unemployment Case Law
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Bath Iron Works
Caught toking. Refused a drug test. Suspended. Union negotiated a last chance agreement, but then the company reneged on the agreement, then fired him.
The work hurts his back. He tried therapy, but it didn't work. They want him to try again. He says no.
Lewiston Daily Sun
They insist that their newspaper reporters are independent contractors.
McPherson Timberlands
They insist that their loggers are independent contractors.
He insists that his satellite dish installers are independent contractors.
They fined him $25 for habitually refusing to put social security numbers on his tax filings. He insists he shouldn't have to. So he took them all the way to the state Supreme Court.
Churches are exempt from the unemployment tax. Therefore, their employees cannot collect unemployment. She worked for a missionary society.
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