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Michigan Unemployment Case Law
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They fired her for attendance. She was denied benefits. She appealed. She won. They now want to introduce evidence of different misconduct which they discovered after she had left. They cannot.
With winter approaching, he volunteered to be laid off, because he didn't want to work in the cold. That's a quit; not a layoff.
The burden of proof falls, not on the claimant, but on the employer, to show that a suitable offer of employment was made and refused.
Empire Iron Mining Partnership
This case outlines how a striker may actually qualify for Unemployment in Michigan.
His colon was so bad that he defecated on the way to work. He had no phone, so he asked his daughter in law to phone in sick for him, and he drove to the hospital. They fired him for not letting them know where he was. He does not collect
Gallagher (dissent)
This judge thinks he should collect
GM closed their plant. GM agreed to pay them salary for two years, after which they would retire. So they are receiving salary, and they have retired. See if you can guess why they collect unemployument.
He was thrown in jail. He did not call his employer. They fired him after 3 days for not showing up. This court says he should collect.
A new doctor applies for unemployment at the end of her residency.
A worker was laid off. The company rolled her retirement into an IRA. Unemployment doesn't want to pay her because they say she received retirement pay. The court says pay.
She secretly taped a conversation between herself and her supervisor. They fired her. She does not collect.
He appealed too late.
They needed her to help pack. She would not do it.
A single father was absent, late, or had to leave early 28 times in two months, each time to take care of his children.
Park Lane
When they bought the business, they also acquired the predecessor's tax rate. They owe the money.
An employer who regularly dropped the F-Bomb fired his secretary for cussing. The employer is a law firm, so they are making her jump through all the legal hoops they can. She collects.
More hoops.
They says it's attendance. She says it's because she filed a sex discrimination claim.
The employer and employee argued. The employer got hot and fired him.
A pregnant woman quit work on her doctor's advice. After giving birth, she tried to return to work, but they did not want her. Unemployment does not want to pay her. The court says pay.
They say they fired her for not working when she was scheduled. She says they fired her because of sexual orientation.
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