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NOTE: Minnesota takes the cake. This state has far far and away more and dumber unemployment cases per capita than any other. After reading four or five cases in a row where a drunk who can't show up for work tries to collect, or a fistfight follows a prank, or where irate employees cuss out the boss in blistering profanity but do not think that is misconduct, we weary. It makes you wonder: Is crime so low in Minnesota that the courts have nothing better to do than listen to this stuff?

Therefore, this is no exhaustive collection of Minnesota case law, but tries to be a representative one.


Fukar -- September 2010
Says he stopped coming to work because he was told there was no more work. But the supervisor denies that.
Johnson -- September 2010
When an unemployment judge decodes one side is more believable than the other, then she must explain why she decided so.
Schwarz -- September 2010
Arrived late, left early, in between made errors and fell asleep. Finally fired for leaving early.
Washleski -- September 2010
The unemployment law judge says he falsified reports to get a bigger bonus. He says the reports were prepared by an accountant.
Akonu -- August 2010
Often tardy.
Ayres -- August 2010
Bloedoorn -- August 2010
After he told his superiors that what they proposed to do would violate IRS standards, he was harassed until he quit.
Booker -- August 2010
Fired because the letters from his doctors never clearly indicated when his light duty restrictions would end.
Campbell -- August 2010
Quit because she thought she was going to get fired.
Gilbert -- August 2010
Quit because didn't like having to report to three different people.
Jones -- August 2010
She says they gave her more duties. They say they gave her overtime.
Lam -- August 2010
There's some confusion about whether he did or did not quit. The unemployment law judge had to decide who to believe.
Land -- August 2010
The manager contends that she deliberately worked slowly. She points out she was being thorough. That's not misconduct.
Langevin -- August 2010
Worked a little bit while collecting unemployment.
Larson -- August 2010
After she was laid off, the company cut her a check for back pay they owed her. Because she got a big check, the department wants her to pay back the unemployment she re4ceived.
Lor -- August 2010
The supervisor signed her vacation request form, but did not check the box saying whether her vacation was approved or not. She assumed it was approved. They say not.
Meshesha -- August 2010
He says he never received notice of a hearing. But he is assumed to have received it because the department says they mailed it. The misunderstanding is exacerbated by broken English.
Misfeldt -- August 2010
Did not earn enough money during her base period to qualify for unemployment. Her earnings two years before that don't count.
Nelson -- August 2010
Allegations of a whole lot of stuff added up. Then she quit.
Peek -- August 2010
While he was in jail, his ex girlfriend used his PIN to collect his unemployment.
Reubendale -- August 2010
A company owner is ineligible for unemployment unless he fills out a certain form beforehand. The department has no obligation to notify the owner about these requirements.
Ritt -- August 2010
A mother who quit because she lost child care does not qualify for unemployment because she did not first request time off from the employer.
Schroeder -- August 2010
A tribal policeman brought a handgun to work.
Shafer -- August 2010
Turned away a customer right before closing time.
Smith -- August 2010
Quit over what he reasonably assumed would be a salary reduction.
Stefansen -- August 2010
When hired by the temp agency she told them she did not want to work collections. When assigned to collections she quit.
VanderMolen -- August 2010
Sent her son to deposit company funds in the bank instead of taking the deposit herself.
Aitkens -- July 2010
Trouble with a supervisor.
Anani -- July 2010
Did not report his part time job while collecting unemployment.
Bizen -- July 2010
Safety violations. Failed to wear his safety vest, failed to chock his wheels, etc.
Brown -- July 2010
Jailed for a month. Did not explain his absence to the required person at work.
Doering -- July 2010
The unemployment judge at the hearing may decide who to believe; but she must also explain why she believed who.
Fitzgerald -- July 2010
Worked in a papermill alongside a machine operator with narcolepsy. Quit because that was unsafe.
Folkema -- July 2010
A school employer is ineligible for benefits during Summer, so long as she has reasonable assurance of a job next Fall. But what if the job she gets next Fall is not the same one she had the year before?
Grooms -- July 2010
Appealed too late.
Kinstler -- July 2010
Asked for a raise, got put off, got frustrated, got angry.
Kmecik -- July 2010
His Navy retirement and disability are deducted from his unemployment.
O'Donnell -- July 2010
Fired for going outside the company chain of command.
Pflipsen -- July 2010
Tardy nearly every day. Thinks her medical condition should excuse her.
Powell -- July 2010
Kept falling asleep at her desk.
Rowland -- July 2010
Told the owner if he wanted it done he could do it himself.
Selden -- July 2010
"I got lazy I guess" is not a good excuse for clocking in without working.
Skaret -- July 2010
Incomplete paperwork got him fired.
Snyder -- July 2010
The employer provides an unemployment benefit. The worker cannot receive both this benefit and the state unemployment at the same time.
Steffl -- July 2010
One librarian typed up a complaint to another librarian, a third librarian read it, and she told a fourth librarian about it.
Walstad -- July 2010
Verbal warnings for attendance are enough in this instance.
Williams -- July 2010
Good grief. Fired for circulating an email inviting colleagues to attend a charity concert.
Berendes -- June 2010
Was told a layoff was on the way. Was told if he quit now he would be eligible for rehire; but if he waited for layoff he would not. So he quit, to be eligible for rehire.
Cook -- June 2010
Went AWOL taking care of a family emergency.
Dvorak -- June 2010
Fired for three things. Two are refuted, but the third one sticks.
Eifert -- June 2010
Violated policy. Told in writing not to do it again. Did it again.
Glass -- June 2010
Three women colleagues claim he harassed them on a day when he was not even at work. And yet, the unemployment judge finds the women more credible.
Jungwirth -- June 2010
AWOL when jailed for refusing a breathalyzer.
Manyinsa -- June 2010
Colleagues reported she was sleeping on the job.
Melin -- June 2010
While a claim is under appeal, a claimant must continue requesting benefits weeks after week, regardless how slowly the bureaucratic wheels turn. Otherwise, they will be ineligible for benefits if the appeal ever does come round their way.
Plante -- June 2010
Bad health leads to bad attendance. But the problem is she didn't notify them every time.
Rickabaugh -- June 2010
Internet logs only show how many internet requests were made. They do not prove how much time she spent on the internet, nor whether it was excessive.
Sickeler -- June 2010
He is disqualified from benefits because he inadvertently put down the wrong year on an application for unemployment.
Stephenson -- June 2010
A waitress applied coupons to bills paid in cash and pocketted the difference.
Stagg -- June 2010
Often tardy. But collects unemployment because the employer did not follow the progressive discipline procedure as outlined in their handbook.
Stresnak -- June 2010
She refused to be transferred to another office 11 miles away.
Tynjala -- June 2010
He was paid two weeks vacation in the midst of a ten week layoff. He is required to repay the unemployment benefits he received during those two weeks. He may be getting dinged twice.
Wieczorek -- June 2010
Did not disclose that he continued to work his part time job while collecting unemployment. They call it fraud.
Boyer -- May 2010
Worked in North Dakota. Returned home to Minnesota for Christmas and stayed.
Brathol -- May 2010
Numerous policy violations lead to a poor performance review.
Fiedler -- May 2010
Ineligible for unemployment while in Spain, even though he was looking for work.
Gani -- May 2010
Missed his hearing because he slept in. Too late now.
Gillman -- May 2010
Quit when informed her position was going to be eliminated. Does not collect unemployment because she did not wait for her job to actually be eliminated.
Goble -- May 2010
Used the store intercom to announce: "Obama sucks".
Johnson -- May 2010
Falsified time cards.
Killion -- May 2010
For a business owner to be eligible for unemployment, she must show that she earned $7,500 in each of the last 16 quarters.
Madison -- May 2010
Worked one day, didn't like the way a colleague talked, so he quit.
McCormick -- May 2010
Parked the company truck in his driveway and didn't report taking a break.
Nelson -- May 2010
After the dealership lost its franchise, there wasn't much money to be made. This salesman says he was fired, but the employer says he quit.
Osman -- May 2010
She did not appeal the previous disqualification in time. She did appeal the more recent decision in time; but that does not resurrect the previous issue.
Podratz -- May 2010
The owner of a business can't collect unemployment even though he paid unemployment taxes on his wages.
Ruiz -- May 2010
An alien is ineligible for benefits during weeks she does not have a green card.
Sandy -- May 2010
A home health aide makes several different mistakes.
Signorelli -- May 2010
Quit when someone else was promoted instead of him.
Smith -- May 2010
The unemployment law judge is the one who decides which facts to believe.
Vandenheuvel -- May 2010
After her husband died, she was very depressed. She asked for two months leave to be with her family. They turned her down! So she quit.
Akinwande -- April 2010
Appealed too late.
Amos -- April 2010
Couldn't get along with the owner's son.
Ayichew -- April 2010
He said he applied for vacation and it was approved. They say he did not. They replaced him while he was out. The department paid him over seven grand unemployment benefits. Fourteen months later, they want him to pay it all back.
Benco -- April 2010
These couriers are independent contractors for whom the company is not required to pay unemployment taxes.
Bennett -- April 2010
Attendance problems came to a head when he was incarcerated.
Callington -- April 2010
With all the piecemeal federal unemployment extensions it gets very difficult to understand what benefits he should receive.
Cedar -- April 2010
Continued to collect unemployment even after he got a job.
Conn -- April 2010
"When an employer breaches a term of an employment agreement, an employee has a good reason to quit,"
Darland -- April 2010
One thing after another can all add up to misconduct.
Ferrara -- April 2010
A loan officer quit because the mortgage company did not provide her with an office, a phone, a computer, credit reports, not etc.
Franklin -- April 2010
Appealed too late.
Kangas -- April 2010
A truck driver got two tickets, a broken windshield, a flat tire, and ran out of gas, all in the same month. So he quit.
Kiely -- April 2010
Two suspensions, then a "last chance agreement", then a minor violation.
Manypenny -- April 2010
Took money under a false name.
Nelson -- April 2010
Fired for accepting pay for a repair he did not perform. Says he found a more efficient way to perform the repair.
Osborne -- April 2010
He was getting paid by the hour. They changed that to pay him by the job. So he quit.
Pech -- April 2010
One single unexcused absence does not usually constitute employment misconduct.
Rehberger -- April 2010
Drinking and sleeping on the job.
Salazar -- April 2010
He did not quit when he volunteered for layoff. But he did quit when he declined to return to work.
Schimming -- April 2010
Accepted reimbursement for insurance which was not yet in effect.
Steinkraus -- April 2010
A bartender got a pizza job that paid more. Later, the bar wanted him to work extra hours that conflicted with the pizza gig.
Sydness -- April 2010
Trouble getting along with the boss.
Wuertz -- April 2010
Despite repeated attempts, a promised raise never materialized. But she is denied unemployment because she didn't go over her supervisor's head.
Adam -- March 2010
Yusuf and Abdul work for competing cable companies. They have a reciprocal referral arrangement. When a customer complains that cable costs too much, Yusuf refers the customer to the Abdul who then installed pirated cable.
Bean -- March 2010
A new supervisor taught her to conduct inspections in a negligent manner. It's not misconduct for her to do as she was taught.
Broms -- March 2010
They proposed to demote her and cut her salary by a third, so she quit. She does not collect unemployment because they hadn't demoted her yet; they just proposed it.
Bros -- March 2010
After he missed 9 days for medical reasons, he was told that if he missed a 10th day he'd be fired. So naturally, when he called out the tenth time, he assumed he was fired. Yet this court says he quit.
Brown -- March 2010
While arguing with a supervisor, she exclaimed "I quit!" But says she didn't mean to quit.
Bursey -- March 2010
Appealed the wrong determination, and therefore her appeal was too late.
Chasteen -- March 2010
His 11 year old daughter used his company cell phone for text messaging.
Cheney -- March 2010
Her appeal was dismissed because she did not participate in the hearing.
Dale -- March 2010
Said she quit because her demotion was demeaning. Should have said she quit because of drastic reduction in pay.
Deilke -- March 2010
Offended a customer.
Dunn -- March 2010
The new job was not suited to her abilities, so she quit.
Eckstrom -- March 2010
He should have withdrawn his claim during the period when severance kept him ineligible for benefits, then entered a new claim later.
Geringer -- March 2010
He contends that he quit because prevailing wage requirements were not met.
Hess -- March 2010
He was an on call employee. He was never called in, but went anyway to see if there was work. No one assigned him any work to do, so he went home.
Holton -- March 2010
A bus driver who smoked pot was originally granted benefits because he went to NA meetings, but on appeal was denied benefits because the employer policy handbook forbids pot.
Johnson -- March 2010
Admits the cops found drugs on him, but claims they were not his.
Jorgenson -- March 2010
Smoked pot in the company truck.
Larson -- March 2010
Apartment tenants complained about the property manager.
Mutcher -- March 2010
Neither he nor the employer knew he had Asperger's syndrome until after he quit.
Perry -- March 2010
A client's boyfriend threatened her.
Shepard -- March 2010
Could not get the employer to respond to her phone calls or emails for a month.
Sieh -- March 2010
Photographed sleeping on the job. Says he wasn't sleeping, just relaxing.
Sika -- March 2010
His appeal was dismissed when he failed to participate in the telephone hearing.
Skurich -- March 2010
The CFO at a state college cannot collect unemployment because he is a policy maker there.
Smith -- March 2010
Had to take three buses to get to work, and so was often late. Bought a car to get there on time, but it was stolen. Often got sick. Sometimes had to take care of her grandchild. How is this misconduct?
Smithers -- March 2010
Quit because she was required to do less work.
Walter -- March 2010
Quit for a better job. But that job did not start for several months.
Andrews -- February 2010
How his maximum benefit amount can go up while his weekly benefit amount remains the same.
Bibeau -- February 2010
Did not take reprimand tamely.
Duray -- February 2010
Did not complete his assigned tasks.
Foix -- February 2010
The employer did not follow the progressive discipline as laid out in the policy manual; but their policy does not mandate progressive discipline.
Harlin -- February 2010
He made too much to qualify for state health care and too little to pay his health care premium, so he quit.
Henry -- February 2010
Because he lost his job, he had to move. Because he moved, he did not get his mail. Because he did not get his mail, his appeal is too late.
Johnson -- February 2010
Hurt his back, left work, never returned, offered light duty, didn't take it.
Khouri -- February 2010
medical problems made her appeal seven months late. The court says the deadline is inflexible.
Lee -- February 2010
The company has a signed resignation. He says it's not his signature.
Mohammed -- February 2010
Claims the reason he missed his telephone hearing was that his cell phone didn't have a signal at the time.
Molm -- February 2010
His military pension prevents him from receiving unemployment benefits.
Paquette -- February 2010
When the decision at a hearing turns on which person is most credible, then the unemployment law judge must explain why he believed which person instea dof the other.
Shrestha -- February 2010
Convicted of a sex crime on the job. Wants another hearing to present DNA evidence.
Williams -- February 2010
Personal purchases on the company credit card.
Wright -- February 2010
Suspended without pay indefinitely on suspicion of writing graffitti in the restroom. Naturally, he got angry and cussed.
Crews -- January 2010
For two months the manager did not make time to meet with the owner.
Fisher -- January 2010
A truck driver had his license suspended.
Gustafson -- January 2010
Did not complete his work in a timely manner as required.
Junnila -- January 2010
Says she quit because of the employer's illegal and unethical business practices.
Kibler -- January 2010
Took a break to attend to personal business.
Kreuger -- January 2010
Just a handful of absences.
Larson -- January 2010
Mahlich -- January 2010
They thought this preschool teacher was too hard on the tots.
McElles -- January 2010
Did not get along with her supervisors. But it's not that clear whether she quit.
Schneller -- January 2010
He thought they were about to reduce his pay, so he quit. But they hadn't reduced it yet, so that's not sufficient cause to quit.
Vang -- January 2010
The unemployment law judge ignores evidence and overlooks testimony, without saying why, so the court overturn his decision.


Christenson -- December 2009
A business owner may only collect five weeks of unemployment.
Davis -- December 2009
Failed to promptly repay a personal purchase on a company credit card.
Hosch -- December 2009
Missed mandatory weekly meetings.
Lampman -- December 2009
Broken alarm clock made her show up late for an important date.
Osman -- December 2009
Muslims left the production line for morning prayers.
Oyen -- December 2009
He asked for Christmas off, but was turned down. A colleague offered to cover for him that day, so he took off.
Roberts -- December 2009
He rode a long way to work with another worker. When his ride had to leave early on a personal errand, of course he left with his ride.
Stewart -- December 2009
Falsified time cards.
Bethune -- November 2009
Moved to MN after Katrina. After a few years, requested to be transferred back. But went ahead and moved to Louisiana before there was a job for him down there.
Dindiyal -- November 2009
The employer told him he had to work a weekend at a county fair. He refused.
Johnson -- November 2009
When he gave two weeks notice they told him leave now. He would have been eligible for benefits from the time he was let go until the date he intended to quit. But he did not apply for unemployment until two months later. That leaves him high and dry.
Kimeu -- November 2009
She quit to move with her military husband when he was transferred elsewhere. In many states, she could collect unemployment, as this is a good cause for quitting. Not in Minnesota.
Paul -- November 2009
Missed his telephone hearing because of a dental emergency; but should have called in to alert the department that he wasn't going to make the hearing.
Salminen -- November 2009
His school schedule prevents him from qualifying for unemployment, because he is not available for regular hours.
Sutton -- November 2009
She managed a store. The company was going to close her store. They offered her work as a "floater", driving between three stores. She quit.
Wuorinen -- November 2009
A nurse aide on suicide watch is found sleeping on the job.
Benson -- October 2009
When the boss told him to go home, he figured that meant he'd been fired.
Hartman -- October 2009
Asked for the day off. Turned down. Took the day off anyway.
Houmas -- October 2009
Had to drive as part of his job. License got suspended.
Johnson -- October 2009
She didn't like that others complained about having to fill in while she was out having a baby.
Lilja -- October 2009
Refused to take a drug test.
Lindwall -- October 2009
His social security pension reduced his unemployment benefits. But his extended benefits are a new account, and so they fall under a new law.
Lucas -- October 2009
Her job was eliminated. She was offered another job, which was harder and paid more, but she had to pass a test. Failed the test. Because she didn't want to take the test a second time, the court says she quit.
Magariner -- October 2009
They changed her hours. She quit. Inconvenient hours do not make a good reason to quit in the eyes of Minnesota unemployment.
Mathews -- October 2009
A three-strike policy.
Pobuda -- October 2009
A new law which prohibited smoking in the bar forced the bartender to take excessive smoking breaks.
Schaffer -- October 2009
Did not disclose that he was earning money while collecting unemployment..
Byrne -- September 2009
Did not earn enough to qualify for a federal extension of benefits.
Fortney -- September 2009
A credit union employee advised a member to submit a false loan application to fool the underwirters.
Hinrichs -- September 2009
A playful supervisor slapped her with an envelope. So she quit.
Houn -- September 2009
Not enough sales; so they wanted to put him on commission and take his company car. He quit.
Jackson -- September 2009
Flirted with colleagues.
Jadhav -- September 2009
Appealed too late because he received the notice late because his mail was being forwarded to California. Doesn't matter: late appeals will not be heard.
Mohs -- September 2009
Took too many breaks, too long lunches, and falsified her time card.
Parvez -- September 2009
Collected unemployment while working for someone else.
Rossos -- September 2009
Late about twice a week.
Schmidt -- September 2009
Repeated "innappropriate remarks" unquoted here are interpreted as sexual harassment.
Tesmar -- September 2009
Attendance problems. No help getting a subpoena for phone records to show she had called in.
Thompson -- September 2009
The unemployment law in this state specifically says that being told you are going to be fired is not a good reason to quit.
Tiliuta -- September 2009
Stole a co-worker's coffee maker and lied about it. Told to quit or get fired.
Truax -- September 2009
Because he owned the company, he cannot collect unemployment. He paid the unemployment tax, but gets nothing out of it.
Vale -- September 2009
Bought a house in Arizona and moved there. But says that's not why he quit.
Winkler -- September 2009
He worked night and the wife worked days so they could take care of their infant. The employer moved him to day shift, and everything went down hill from there.
Briggs -- August 2009
A temp was denied unemployment because she turned down a job assignment. She turns it down because it is not in her field, it does not pay enough, and she has better prospects.
Coleman -- August 2009
He shows a letter addressed to the unemployment judge to prove he appealed in time. But the unemployment judge doesn't believe it is genuine, because he wouldn't have been assigned a judge to write to until after his appeal was made.
Daniels -- August 2009
Moved to night shift. Tried it; but night shift didn't suit him. Quit.
Davison -- August 2009
The manager told three drivers they would have to work weekends. He refused. The manager suggested he quit. He did. That's why he doesn't get unemployment. Here's the kicker: The other two drivers did get unemployment.
Escobedo -- August 2009
She complains to the court that the unemployment law judge was unfair at the hearing. But because she never told the unemployment judge that he was being unfair, this court ignores her argument.
Farinacci -- August 2009
The department claims they sent him a notice denying him unemployment. He says he never got it. Then the department proceeded to pay him unemployment week after week. Now they want the money back.
Fraser -- August 2009
Did not always follow retaurant policy by documenting voided order tickets.
Guenther -- August 2009
He accepted an agreement which put him on five years unpaid leave. The court says that's a quit.
Hecker -- August 2009
Drinking on the way to work; followed by sloppy work.
Joy -- August 2009
Bartender drank behind the bar. Money came up missing. Couldn't pin the money on her; but drinking behind the bar disqialifies her from benefits.
Kastner -- August 2009
When a temp worker gets hired permanently by the company she is assigned to, she is considered to have quit, not to have been discharged by the temp service. Therefore, the temp service is not charged for her unemployment benefits.
Smith -- August 2009
A progressive discipline system for attendance.
Wu -- August 2009
He refused to prepare the food which the customers ordered.
Anderson -- July 2009
The doctor told her to quit because of back problems. But she should have asked her employer to accomodate her condition. Just having doctor's notes is not enough.
Bohmann -- July 2009
His pension gets deducted from his unemployment benefit.
Brooks -- July 2009
The manager admist he was overbearing; but that still doesn't qualify her for unemployment when she quit.
Burgraf -- July 2009
No call, no show, no unemployment benefit.
Clarin -- July 2009
He worked during the holiday. They didn't want to pay him. He raised his voice and cussed. They fired him. He collects because it was a single incident.
Mallery -- July 2009
Both she and the employer testified that she was discharged. But because she accepted a severance package, the department says she quit.
McCollum -- July 2009
Even if the employer does not appear at the hearing, the unemployment judge may decide against the claimant. However, this fact must be made clear to the claimant so that he can present his best case.
Moctezuma -- July 2009
Policy says three safety violations result in discharge.
Mulligan -- July 2009
Tried to appeal via internet form, but could not get the form to work. Then the hearing judge made up his mind without hearing his evidence.
Ozangar -- July 2009
A store employee tried to give herself a huge discount.
Roelandt -- July 2009
Given three options, she chose the severance package; therefore she does not collect unemployment.
Schmidt -- July 2009
A member of the Board who was also an employee was fired when he voted for a measure which would have put the company out of business.
Strom -- July 2009
A letter of appeal does not have to follow any specific form, so long as it disagrees with the decision and arrives on time.
Wandersee -- July 2009
New management led to job dissatisfaction. She quit.
Chase -- June 2009
Aggressive and intimidating toward subordinates.
Giovingo -- June 2009
Attendance on a points system.
Heiderscheid -- June 2009
Complained repeatedly about her supervisor, then quit.
Janzen -- June 2009
He attends school during the day and tends bar at night. Lost his bartending job. Unless he is willing to give up school, he cannot collect unemployment.
Levang -- June 2009
The temp agency assigned an HR administrator to a mere data entry job. She quit, saying the work was not suitable.
Miller -- June 2009
Incarceration caused unexcused absence, despite the fact he had told them before he was hired that he had outstanding warrants.
Poole -- June 2009
Resignation letter says she quit to move to Georgia. Now she says she quit because of unsafe working conditions.
Rogers -- June 2009
Burst into tears at work because suffering from depression.
Schmitz -- June 2009
Attendance on the points system. Then a whole lot of things went wrong. None of which were his fault, he says.
Benson -- May 2009
Receipt of severance does not qualify him for a second benefit year.
Dorweiler -- May 2009
He took stuff out of the company trash and recycled it.
Liljeblad -- May 2009
Off the job drug conviction disqualifies her from continuing to work at the hospital.
McCoy -- May 2009
Claims that someone at the department changed the answers he put on his form.
Motarjemi -- May 2009
A bus driver is fired for acting belligerent. Denied unemployment, he appeals, and gets a telephone hearing. He argues with the unemployment law judge and hangs up on him. He gets a second hearing. Again, argues with the judge and hangs up on him.
Northbird -- May 2009
Squabbling over a drawing someone made of him.
Webb -- May 2009
The employer required her to write a letter of apology. She balked.
Allman -- April 2009
The unemployment law judge has an obligation to help the unrepresented claimant at the hearing. Instead, he made his decision based on grounds unrelated to what the hearing was supposed to be about.
Hurst -- April 2009
Confusion from beginning to end. He quit right before the company was dissolved.
Olssen -- April 2009
For sixteen years, he was a fine employee. Then came increased duties and tougher standards. That's not misconduct.
Omar -- April 2009
No call / no show three days in a row.
Russell -- April 2009
An IRS employee used IRS office equipment and letterhead during working hours to blow the whistle on perceived election fraud.
Sieh -- April 2009
They say he kicked a client. He says they let these clients kick each other.
VanGuilder -- April 2009
He did not apply for a training program in time to qualify for unemployment. The court says he should get a waiver.
Bartleman -- March 2009
When they hired him, they told him one thing; when they trained him, they told him another thing. So he quit.
Gunderson -- February 2009
Hurt his back on the job. Back to work after treatment. Injury recurred; but he did not let the employer know.
Keegan -- February 2009
Often late to work. Then late with her appeal. Then too late to bring up new issues not brought up at the hearing.
Cammisuli -- January 2009
A mechanic spent time on his cellphone, and didn't complete repairs.
Ess -- January 2009
Called in to say he could not work the next day. Fired because he would not say why..
Hahn -- January 2009
Fired from this job for performance; but offered another job with a substantial raise. Could not arrange a ride, so had to turn down that other job.
Harwood -- January 2009
An apartment caretaker demanded the manager tell a tenant to stop complaining about her son. The manager refused; she quit.
Holbrook -- January 2009
Complex attendance problems. A case sent back to the hearing judge to explain how he decided who to believe.
Mitzuk -- January 2009
His version of events is completely different from the supervisor's version. The unemployment law judge believes the supervisor, who has a witness.
Ojogwu -- January 2009
Often tardy. Fired when she refused to move to a new cubicle at 3pm on the dot without waiting to finish a task.


Carlson -- December 2008
A school employee is ineligible for benefits during Summer is he has a reasonable assurance of a job next Fall.
Engen -- December 2008
Cited for DWI after crashing a company car. Argues this is not misconduct.
Hiam -- December 2008
Got angry with the manager, walked off the job, now maintains he didn't quit.
Rhoads -- December 2008
The unemployment law judge at the hearing decided the employer's witnesses were more believable because she was hesitant.
Root -- December 2008
Vacation pay disqualifies the recipient from unemployment benefits. Bonuses do not.
Zaudtke -- December 2008
Out of cell phone range is no excuse for her missing her hearing.
Christianson -- November 2008
What minor things he did do not amount to misconduct.
Dodd -- November 2008
Quit to take care of her ailing parents.
James -- November 2008
Quit because she didn't get a raise. Asked for a hearing but did not attend.
Tappan -- November 2008
A store manager hired her son, a convicted thief, who then taught other employees how to steal.
Baker -- October 2008
After a few drinks got belligerent, then quit.
Biblenko -- October 2008
He can switch his school schedule to morning or evening, to accomodate any work shift. Therefore, the fact he is a student should not disqualify him from benefits.
Chatman -- October 2008
She quit because the company changed her shift to a time when she had no daycare. A new law allows benefits for just such circumstances; but that law was not yet in effect at the time she quit.
Garrison -- October 2008
The employer laid her off, could not find any other work for her in her area, yet they object when their account is charged for her unemployment benefits.
Gatson -- October 2008
A truck driver failed a breathalizer.
Hodge -- October 2008
He gave two weeks notice. The company accepted his resignation effective immediately. He collects from notice to resignation; but not after.
Olsen -- October 2008
When she quit, she said she was going back to nursing school. Now she brings up other reasons.
Parker -- October 2008
The employer had a no violence policy; but no violence actually occurred. Instead, it seems like he was just fooling around with another worker, that worker shose to take him way too seriously, and so did everyone else up to and including this court.
Smith -- October 2008
Tried to cheat a store employee discount.
Byrd -- September 2008
The employer failed to participate in the hearing. Too late now.
Ervasti -- September 2008
Complains that the unemployment law judge badgered him during the telephone hearing.
Jackson -- September 2008
While her appeal was pending, she did not continue to file for benefits for each week. She will not be paid for weeks she didn't file for.
Krueger -- September 2008
Commission only insurance sales people are not covered by unemployment.
Lindwall -- September 2008
The heartless intransigence of overlapping unresponsive bureaucracies rob a poor old man.
Ly -- September 2008
Argued with another worker. Told to go home. Did not return. The court says he quit.
May -- September 2008
A manager falsified time records of her employees to outwit the company's strict rules against overtime.
Parrow -- September 2008
A truck driver had six accidents in eight months.
Patterson -- September 2008
A nursing home aide used an emergency call button when a resident skinned her knee.
Peterson -- September 2008
A truck driver paused to take her federally mandated break. The company called and woke her up. Now she couldn't sleep, so she kept on driving.
Peterson -- September 2008
A security guard took his shirt off to get some sun.
Studniski -- September 2008
Quit because of the manager's nepotism.
Bates -- August 2008
Personal problems led to unexcused absences.
Broome -- August 2008
The unemployment law judge at the hearing got it all wrong. There's no evidence of misconduct, she did ask the temp agency for a new assignment, and they never had her sign a required form.
Chambers -- August 2008
Lots of little things all put together.
Daniels -- August 2008
When his hours were reduced from 40 to 25, he could not pay his rent, and had to quit and move out of state.
Hann -- August 2008
The employer gave her an ultimatum: quit or be fired. Such an ultimatum is the same a discharge.
Long -- August 2008
Unauthorized overtime.
Mammenga -- August 2008
A janitor did not complete all required tasks because he didn't think they were necessary.
Matyi -- August 2008
She had signed a non-compete clause when she started at the salon. But then she scheduled a salon client to cut her hair at home.
OBrien -- August 2008
Refused an offer of suitable employment, hoping to get a better job which never panned out.
Roggeman -- August 2008
A truck driver failed to keep his log book up to date.
Ryks -- August 2008
Her unemployment benefits stop because she went to Mexico to look for work.
Seretse -- August 2008
Argued with a co-worker. Drove a two and a half ton machine toward her. Inured her.
Zweber -- August 2008
A janitor got in an altercation with an uncooperative resident.
Ali -- July 2008
A temporary employee quit when he found out he would never be hired permanently.
Austin -- July 2008
Profanity and poor attitude.
Berg -- July 2008
The employer did not like the unkempt stubble look. Told him repeatedly either grow a beard or shave.
Brenes -- July 2008
The employer has a rule against personal emails at work.
Bushard -- July 2008
Disqualified from benefits because they say he wasn't diligently looking for work. He has records purporting to show he was looking; but they won't believe those records now.
Chege -- July 2008
The unemployment judge who presides at the hearing has an obligation to help the claimant develop her case.
Colglazier -- July 2008
"Generally, job dissatisfaction, conflicts with supervisors, and concern that one may be discharged in the future do not constitute good reasons for quitting."
Columbus -- July 2008
Often late to work, but possibly fired for performance. Then never told what witnesses the employer would bring to the hearing, and denied a subpoena to call her own withness.
Cunnien -- July 2008
She maintains that the employer's witnesses were lying. But the unemployment law judge at the hearing is the person who decides which witnesses are credible. Court never reconsiders credibility.
Dimascio -- July 2008
Unexcused absences.
Dorner -- July 2008
Opened a claim. Unable to collect for months because receiving severance. By the time she was able to collect, her benefit year soon ran out.
Farhat -- July 2008
A manager was given an annual allotment of hours to assign. He was fired for exceeding a weekly allotment of hours. This is not misconduct.
Feeney -- July 2008
Obscene gestures, profanity, arguments, temper.
Galligan -- July 2008
Quit because she assumed someone else had been hired to replace her.
Hoye -- July 2008
He says he called in sick. The employer says he called in to say he would be late.
Kpasie -- July 2008
Appealed too late because he never got his notice in the mail.
Kravitz -- July 2008
Job dissatisfaction does not qualify a person for unemployment.
LaMaack -- July 2008
An unemployed corporate comptroller with 36 years experience refuses a job as a book keeper. This does not disqualify him from unemployment because it is not suitable work.
LaVoy -- July 2008
The court says that an apparent personality conflict with the director does not justify a quit.
Ledin -- July 2008
Failed to follow policies, procedures, and instructions.
Long -- July 2008
He wanted to call 11 witnesses at the hearing, but the unemployment law judge would not let him.
Moore -- July 2008
A UPS driver quit because he never had time to take his breaks.
Moriarty -- July 2008
Quit after a poor performance review.
Plante -- July 2008
A truck driver quit because he was driving more hours than DOT allows.
Sannes -- July 2008
Quit when morning sickness became bad.
Schnarr -- July 2008
Accused a co-worker of stealing her ring.
Smith -- July 2008
The hearing judge did not believe the list of places he said he had applied for work. Therefore denied benefits because not looking for work.
Stever -- July 2008
Lump sum severance leaves him ineligible for unemployment benefits.
Voll -- July 2008
Repeated warnings for insubordination.
Zenzen -- July 2008
She accidentally swung the door into his head and woke him up, so he cussed. This one incident does not amount to misconduct.
Zoubek -- July 2008
The hearings officer believed the manager's version of their meeting because the manager said she took notes, dated them, and filed them. But the manager never showed these notes at the hearing.
Alinder -- June 2008
Because he received severance, he could not collect benefits until late in his benefit year. His benefit year soon expired, now he couldn't collect the rest of his 26 weeks unemployment.
Bui -- June 2008
Argued with supervisors and cussed.
Burk -- June 2008
His benefits are stopped because he cannot show that he is actively seeking work.
Busho -- June 2008
Medical problems made her quit. She says she just took medical leave.
Eskierka -- June 2008
Repeated attendance problems with warnings.
Fluegge -- June 2008
He walked off the job.
Foshay -- June 2008
Late to work 117 times in one year. He maintains that's not misconduct.
Hatanpaa -- June 2008
The unemployment law judge decided her claims of sexual harassment were vague and contradictory.
Johnson -- June 2008
Promised a raise which she never got. But because she didn't bring that up at the first hearing, she cannot use that reason now.
Kearns -- June 2008
Applied for vacation, was not approved, went anyway, quit when he returned.
Kelly -- June 2008
Complained to his employer that he'd been sexually harassed by his supervisor. Employer disciplined the supervisor. Then it happened again, so he quit. Denied unemployment because he didn't give the employer a chance to discipline the supervisor a second time.
Lebakken -- June 2008
Complained over and over to his employer about the guy who worked a few feet away. Nothing changed, so he quit.
Murdock -- June 2008
A YMCA instructor griped about the place to members, then refused to leave when asked to.
Safo -- June 2008
Did not give the employer opportunity to address her complaints.
Wolfe -- June 2008
Late nearly every day.
Argent -- May 2008
After receiving a final warning for tardiness, he quit. Says he quit because of harassment.
Bender -- May 2008
Fired because she didn't pay union dues. Then paid dues, but wasn't re-hired.
Bishop -- May 2008
"Separation Pay" prevents her from receiving unemploymant benefits.
Brown -- May 2008
An advertising sales person is an employee and not an independent contractor; therefore, the employer must pay unemployment tax.
Chapin -- May 2008
In the case of conflicting testimony, the unemployment law judge at the hearing is the person who decides which witnesses are more credible. The court will not reverse such a finding.
Crow -- May 2008
The amount of his unemployment benefit is reduced because he is owed back pay for the quarter which is used to calculate his benefit amount.
Gaddy -- May 2008
Failed to follow procedure when administering medication. He claims there's something else behind his firing.
Huseby -- May 2008
Damaged one piece of company equipment after another.
Klemmensen -- May 2008
Claimed to have done his work when he hadn't.
Leach -- May 2008
A telemarketer is fired for coding too many phone numbers as being "no good".
McClain -- May 2008
The hearing officer says his testimony was inconsistent. But the record does not reflect any such thing.
Neal -- May 2008
Often tardy. Nothing to do with personal problems, the supervisor's inexperience, or the hearing judge being prejudiced. She was just late too work.
Peterson -- May 2008
Quit or fired? The appeal hearing officer had to sift through conflicting testimony and decide who was more believable.
Quest -- May 2008
Appeals the unemployment hearing decision to this court, underlines some of the appeal transcript, but does not make clear why.
Ripka -- May 2008
A salesman fired for shipping product to customers without customer approval.
Rooney -- May 2008
A dumb joke turns into sexual harassment. But she does not collect unemployment because she did not wait for the employer to have time to take action.
Statham -- May 2008
Car trouble kept him out of work twelve days.
Welshons -- May 2008
Quit for another job; but then that other job never materialized.
Alexis -- April 2008
Argued with his supervisor.
Broska -- April 2008
Chronic attendance problems.
Brunner -- April 2008
Policy prohibits managers from dating other employees.
Burdette -- April 2008
Obtained, then leaked, confidential company information.
Chalbi -- April 2008
Collected unemployment while employed. Says he didn't understand the handbook because English is his second language.
Davidson -- April 2008
She's getting stymied by procedural minutiae because she followed the advice she got from the Department rather than what's written in the handbook.
Day -- April 2008
Fired for violating policy. Says it's not true.
Furney -- April 2008
About the time she stopped making required nightly audits and deposits, the owner claims that money started to come up missing. She complains that she was unable to subpoena the financial records to see for herself. But the court says whether money was truly missing or not, she ceased to follow required money handling procedures.
Geissler -- April 2008
A junior high math teacher surfed the web for pornography during class. Says he didn't know he could get fired for it.
Hibbard -- April 2008
When an unemployment appeal hinges on which party is more credible than the other, then the hearing judge is required to say which of the parties he found to be more credible, and why.
Hoffman -- April 2008
Attendance -- on the points system.
Jensen -- April 2008
Some confusion of the issue, all boiling down apparently to personality conflict with the boss.
Lasky -- April 2008
Customer complaints are admissible hearsay.
Levang -- April 2008
A temp employee is required to apply for a new assignment within five days of ending the previous assignment. But the work offered must be suited to them.
McGruder -- April 2008
The company required a note from a doctor. He couldn't afford a doctor.
McReynolds -- April 2008
Too many personal errands in the company vehicle.
Revilla -- April 2008
Said he intended to quit in two weeks, but then denies that he did quit.
Rosson -- April 2008
He was required to continue applying for benefits every week during each stage of appeal.
Ruth -- April 2008
Unhappy with lower pay, changed leave policy, and injury compensation.
Schmidt -- April 2008
First repeatedly late because she overslept, then sleeping on the job.
Schultz -- April 2008
Does not collect because she did not tell the owner about her problems with her supervisor before she quit.
Scroggins -- April 2008
Left for vacation and did not return for two months. Says he called in sick.
Stromdahl -- April 2008
She has been working as a "smoke chaser" for fifteen years; yet the court says her work is temporary, and so she does not qualify for unemployment.
Swanson -- April 2008
Did not get along with her supervisor.
Theelke -- April 2008
Thompson -- April 2008
A dispute over whether certain travel expenses were authorized.
Anderson -- March 2008
Lost his license, so rode to work with another employee, who then lost his license. Then went to jail. Just could not get to work.
Awalt -- March 2008
Quit when blamed for depositing a post dated check.
Barry -- March 2008
She worked as an independent contractor while collecting unemployment.
Carpenter -- March 2008
Quit because he thought he might be fired, he thought he should be paid more, and he thought the work was not suited to him.
Farhat -- March 2008
There was conflicting testimony at the appeal hearing; but the judge there did not say how she decided who was to be believed. Instead, she relied on evidence which was not in the record.
Saari -- March 2008
Moved away to take care of her ailing mother. Couldn't work from there.
Ward -- March 2008
Took a short term job in another state without arranging for extended leave from her job here.
Anderson -- February 2008
Tried to buy guns from the store he worked at at a reduced price and by way of a straw man.
Anderson -- February 2008
Medication errors get a nurse aide fired.
Behrens -- February 2008
Broke his heel off duty. No light duty work available. Does not collect.
Bunisso -- February 2008
Terminological inexactitude in the policy manual gets this temp worker benefits even though she did not ask for a new assignment within five days after her old assignment ended, as required.
Deneen -- February 2008
Disqualified because not actively looking for work.
Grindle -- February 2008
Maintains that a telephone hearing is unfair because the hearing officer cannot accurately judge witness credibility without observing demeanor.
Hoffman -- February 2008
A salesman falsified his reports, claiming he'd made sales calls he never made.
Igoe -- February 2008
A teller was disciplined for trying to help another teller. So she quit.
Johnson -- February 2008
The restaurant gave bonuses for good customer ratings. She called the survey line herself to pack the ratings.
Lee -- February 2008
The appeals referee is required to help the claimant provide full testimony.
Oldenburg -- February 2008
Drove the trash truck into a pothole and didn't report the damage. The court says there was a pattern of neglect.
Rose -- February 2008
No call, no show.
Shackleford -- February 2008
She thought that her supervisor had instructed her to falsify her time card.
Arango -- January 2008
His union went on strike, so he wasn't qualified for unemployment. Then the union won a court case so he was qualified. Then he went to school to learn another trade, so he wasn't qualified.
Bassett -- January 2008
Personal turmoil forced her to miss a week of work.
Erickson -- January 2008
Unauthorized use of a company vehicle
Foss -- January 2008
Given an ultimatum: quit or get fired. Quit. Sounds like a constructive discharge; instead the court says she quit.
Hicks -- January 2008
Quit because the supervisor accused him of stealing and everyone he worked with heard about the accusation.
Lynch -- January 2008
The store eliminated her position and gave her a choice: demoted or severance. She chose severance. The court says she collects.
Newcomb -- January 2008
Quit because management assigned some of her job responsibilities to others.
O'Claire -- January 2008
A tutor quit because the student's parents argued with him in front of the student.
Reed -- January 2008
She blames her poor attendance on mental breakdown, therefore health.
Smith -- January 2008
He did not appeal in time because he did not get a notice in the mail because he was homeless at the time. However, there is no mercy in these deadlines. The deadline is based on when the notice was sent, and has nothing to do with whether it was received. His appeal is too late.
Wilson -- January 2008
Chronic attendance problems.


Amsler -- October 2007
The director of operations wrote himself unauthorized checks.
Heinonen -- October 2007
Hired specifically to care for her grand-daughter. When her grand-daughter's care ceased, she applied for unemployment.
Jackson -- October 2007
Under certain circumstances, a company officer may collect unemployment if they have filled out a form beforehand. She did not fill out the form.
Krizak -- October 2007
The client told the staffing company they didn't want him any more because of attendance problems.
Rannow -- October 2007
The doctor told her not to drive for six months. She could not get a ride.
Schultenover -- October 2007
When this temp staffer's assignment ran out, he did not call for another one.
Sholl -- October 2007
Did not return to work because she thought she would be harassed.
Beck -- September 2007
Frequently tardy or absent.
Bennett -- September 2007
He says he was given the rest of the day off for his daughter's birthday. The employer says he was not. The Unemployment Law Judge decides who to believe. The court does not.
Bucher -- September 2007
A triage nurse does not work as carefully and thoroughly as they think she should. Often warned; finally fired.
Docktor -- September 2007
Quit when her hours were reduced to 15 pewr week. But the court doesn't think this is good reason to quit.
Garcia -- September 2007
Quit to take another job which had not yet been offered to him at a company he later found out was not hiring.
Hulett -- September 2007
Did not want to perform administrative duties. But quit when demoted so as not to have to perform them.
Osland -- September 2007
A driving instructor is fired for talking on her cell, running errands, etc. during lessons.
Swift -- September 2007
A nurse "has a documented history of inappropriate conduct toward residents"
Truong -- September 2007
Quit because she and her supervisor didn't get along.
Woods -- September 2007
Used the company kitchen, the company food, the company utensils, and the company's employee on the company's time, while herself on the company clock, to cater an event for the company's customer, all for her own profit.
Edwards -- August 2007
Quit to rescue his two sons who were living on the streets of Chicago with their crack addicted mother. The Department says this is not a work related reason. The court thinks this is a pretty good reason to quit, nevertheless, and would like to give him a chance to prove it.
Lamah -- August 2007
Quit his temp assignment to take his ill son to Africa to see his recently deported wife. But then the doctors advised him against going.
Scheller -- August 2007
He had 30 days to appeal. He appealed on the 31st day.
Bruner -- July 2007
Suffers from depression. Hired as a WalMart greeter. Not cheerful enough.
Cumming -- July 2007
Quit when he thought he might be fired.
Machacek -- July 2007
A resident kicked her. She kicked back.
Neloms -- July 2007
Quit when frustrated in his desire for advancement.
Olabiyi -- July 2007
A pregnant aide placed on unpaid medical leave is not looking for work, so cannot collect.
Quern -- July 2007
Would not follow procedures; rolled her eyes.
Reber -- July 2007
Required to drive the company van. Lost his license for drunk driving. Lost his job for no license.
Winans -- July 2007
Showed up late, left early, falsified his time sheet, did not complete the work, and stole. Other than that, no good reason to fire him.
Adam -- June 2007
A restaurant manager is fired for not keeping the place clean.
Emmons -- June 2007
A bartender would disappear in the middle of his shift.
Kortas -- June 2007
Denied benefits for misconduct, he appealed. After the hearing, they denied him for having quit.
Williams -- June 2007
Hurt on the job; released for light work; would not report.
Williams -- June 2007
The lot boy cussed the sales manager.
Bowman -- May 2007
They say he stole the drills. He says he signed them out.
Galbert -- May 2007
Late because she sent her appeal letter to the unemployment office instead of the appeals office.
Hagen -- May 2007
Provoked by a hostile customer.
Huisman -- May 2007
She handed in her resignation effective in two weeks. They accepted it effective immediately. She may only collect unemployment for the two weeks from when they told her to go and when she was going to go anyway.
James -- May 2007
Someone says he yelled at a customer. He says he didn't. The hearing officer decides who to believe; not the court.
Lynch -- May 2007
Quit when a drastic change in commission structure took a whopping bite out of her income. Yet they say she quit without cause.
McCoy -- May 2007
Quit to take a job which paid a little less but did not require she pay for daycare. The job fell through. Now they won't pay her unemployment, saying that because hse quit for a job which paid less, she wasn't quitting for a better job.
Megas -- May 2007
Says he missed his hearing when hospitalized. Has to go to court to get a chance to prove it.
Parsons -- May 2007
A part time nursing assistant cancelled sixteen shifts in six weeks. Ultimately, two clients refused to have her assigned to them.
Smithwhite -- May 2007
Frequently absent or tardy; warned several times.
Thompto -- May 2007
Used his $40 dinner allowance to buy restaurant gift cards.
Welter -- May 2007
A midwife refused to comply with the employer's medical protocol.
Worden -- May 2007
The hearings officer decides which side to believe; not the court. No additional documents may be presented to the court which were not presented at the hearing.
Axelson -- April 2007
When her temp assignment ended, the agency called her to offer another assignment. She wouldn't listen to details, said she'd call back, but never did. This is the same as refusing a job.
Garcia -- April 2007
The employer furloughed him for five months, during which he collected unemployment. Then the employer laid him off and gave him severance. Because of the severance five months later, the Department wants him to pay back the five months benefits.
Kariniemi -- April 2007
While he was out of work collecting unemployment, he looked for jobs for his painting business. The Department says he was not unemployed because looking for jobs is work! Now they want to penalize him for fraud.
Leehy -- April 2007
He quit because they cut his pay. But the pay cut and demotion were because of poor job performance.
Lenzmeier -- April 2007
She was paid straight commission; therefore, she refused to train her supervisor, because she was not paid to do that.
Pluta -- April 2007
He claims he did not throw the remote control, he only tossed it.
Scheeler -- April 2007
While laid off, he moved to Montana. When the employer called him back to work, he refused.
Vang -- April 2007
Her hearing had already been rescheduled several times, when she called to ask it be postponed again, because she had just started a new job which conflicted with the hearing time. Request denied.
Wichman -- April 2007
The Unemployment Law Judge failed to determine which witnesses were credible.
Bell -- March 2007
A truck driver argued about his assigned routes.
Bukkuri -- March 2007
She was unemployed three months before she applied for benefits. Her application may not be backdated.
Eaton -- March 2007
Attendance problems. She says the supervisor is making it up. The Unemployment Law Judge decides who is credible.
Goodburn -- March 2007
A delivery driver is fired for stopping at a fast food restaurant for lunch, talking on his cell phone, and missing work. The court will not re-weigh the evidence.
Kforce -- March 2007
This company does not want to inherit the unemployment tax rates of its parent company.
Hase -- February 2007
He insisted the employer should lay him off. The employer would not. So he quit and applied for unemployment.
He -- February 2007
Falsified his time cards. Thinks he should collect.
Johnson -- February 2007
Quit because the stockroom was messy and crowded, because a contractor was abusive, and because she didn't get a pay raise.
Jones -- February 2007
She can't work mornings because she has to get her daughter off to school. She can't work evenings because she can't see in the dark. She doesn't have a vehicle to get to work. So she quit.
Jorgenson -- February 2007
While collecting unemployment, she coached a school basketball team, for which the school paid her two small lump sums. The DEED wants her to pay back the benefits she recieved, asserting that she earned weekly wages.
Klover -- February 2007
Falsified his employment application to conceal previous shenanigans.
Bakke -- January 2007
Refused to sign a warning.
Buck -- January 2007
As part of her workers comp settlement, she agreed to quit. Now she can't collect unemployment because she quit.
Chung -- January 2007
The casino had to fire him when he lost his gaming license.
Cotter -- January 2007
They told her they might lay her off in a week or two. So she quit.
Ebert -- January 2007
Collected unemployment. Later, received retroactive social security disability. Now he has to pay back the benefits he received while waiting for his disability to come through.
Fisher -- January 2007
Unsafe working conditions: Quit because the marina did not provide him a spotter when lifting yachts.
Foltz -- January 2007
Alcohol on the job, last chance agreement, alcohol again, quit rather than take a test.
Goodman -- January 2007
Quit after negative performance reviews. Claims the boss is hard on her because of her gender.
Manderfield -- January 2007
She can't work Saturdays because she can't find daycare.
McGinity -- January 2007
Fought the HR department, lost, then quit, claiming a hostile work environment.
Patterson -- January 2007
The employer says she did not call in. She says she did. The hearings officer believed the employer.
Post -- January 2007
Became agitated and irate. Told to go home and cool off. Then fired.
Proudfoot -- January 2007
They met to complain about her performance. Then she quit.
Schwartz -- January 2007
Appealed too late.
Storbeck -- January 2007
Fired because she refused to take an "ethics exam".
Ywswf -- January 2007
She says she was laid off. They say she quit when assigned to a shift which would conflict with her class schedule. Despite the fact she was not attending school at the time, the unemployment law judge finds the employer more credible.


Canter -- December 2006
Unprofessional conduct.
Caron -- December 2006
Injured on the job. Has the right to go to his own doctor. Cannot be forced to go to the company doctor.
Cole -- December 2006
Under-reported her earnings while collecting unemployment.
Enterprise Communication -- December 2006
A part time consultant was laid off. The company has fought this claim tooth and nail at every stage.
Gura -- December 2006
The boss's jealous wife made her have to quit.
Khan -- December 2006
Did not do her assigned tasks.
Larson -- December 2006
She appealed 130 days too late.
Michael -- December 2006
Quit because of stress over his family.
Nelson -- December 2006
The hearing officer believed the employer's witnesses, not her.
Norvell -- December 2006
Did not observe attendance policy.
Schultz -- December 2006
Asked for Friday off. Didn't get it. Quit.
Shambour -- December 2006
Got a DWI while off duty; therefore can't drive crews to work sites; therefore can't do the job.
Terra Firma -- December 2006
The roofers have their own companies, bring their own tools, supervise themselves, and work by the job. But because the contractor buys the shingles, they are considered employees of the contractor, rather than subcontractors. So the contractor must pay unemployment taxes on the roofers.
Williams -- December 2006
Says he quit because the van he was assigned to drive was unsafe.
Baumgartner -- November 2006
An eighth grade teacher did not want to be assigned to teach fifth grade.
Keith -- November 2006
He says that, because the employer did not attend the hearing, he should be believed.
Abfalter -- October 2006
Quit because she thought she would be fired.
Juhl -- October 2006
He says his inexcused absence was not misconduct because it did not cause the employer hardship and because there was some confusion whether he had permission to take off.
Pierce -- October 2006
Fired because he opened the cash register using the emergency switch instead of the no sale key. Once.
Regis -- October 2006
A truck driver is fired for not reporting an accident.
Savick -- October 2006
While on unemployment, he filed for disability. Therefore, the DEED wants him to pay back the benefits he received, because, if he was disabled, he wasn't able and available to work.
Scheid -- October 2006
After a heated discussion, he walked out.
Wright -- October 2006
A forklift driver had numerous accidents. After the last accident, tested positive for alcohol.
AMFAM -- September 2006
When the airline cut pay 25%, the workers considered themselves locked out. Some classes of workers got unemployment; others did not.
Cotton -- September 2006
Customers complained he was rude.
Ellis -- September 2006
A prison guard fired for sleeping on duty thinks he should collect unemployment.
Kollross -- September 2006
They say she was an independent contractor. She says she did not quit. It's complicated.
LaBeau -- September 2006
Because she later won workers compensation for the time during which she had collected unemployment, she will have to repay the unemployment benefits she received.
Misel -- September 2006
Employer policy promises performance reviews each six months with raises for good performance. But they did not do the reviews; hence they did not grant any raises. So he quit.
Rice -- September 2006
A counselor failed to report suspected sexual abuse of a child.
Richter -- September 2006
The employer gave him notice of an impending layoff. He didn't like the severance package offered. So he quit.
Skarhus -- September 2006
A restaurant employee paid for her sandwich, but not for extra beef and cheese bread.
Southwest Motors -- September 2006
They hire drivers for twenty bucks a trip to bring cars from autctions to the dealer. These drivers are independent contractors.
Wigfield -- September 2006
Attendance problems. Last chance agreement. More attendance problems.
Yang -- September 2006
Because a nurse advised him not to seek work while he was laid off, the DEED wants him to pay back the unemployment benefits he received.
Blonker -- August 2006
Quit because she objected to training her replacement
Bushard -- August 2006
Fired for disconnecting callers without reading the script.
Hatgidakis -- August 2006
Obtained signatures on blank authorization forms.
McJimsey -- August 2006
The temp staffing company assigned her to work for which she was not suited.
Heeralall -- August 2006
The employer told him to turn in his key, take hist stuff, return his uniform, leave, and pick up his final check later. But the unemployment law judge claims he quit.
Nehmzow -- August 2006
Quit, claiming abuse and bad treatment.
Nichols -- August 2006
A colleague was repeatedly mean to her. She told management. Management warned the colleague. But the bad behavior continued. So she quit.
Norby -- August 2006
Did not follow instructions.
Nutall -- August 2006
Attendance problems.
Oliver -- August 2006
A truck driver thought he was getting bad route assignments; so he quit.
Ostapenko -- August 2006
The training program he selected costs more than the department will reimburse.
Ostrom -- August 2006
He has evidence that he was looking for a job; but the hearings officer never asked for it.
Owens -- August 2006
Didn't complete the work. Fell asleep during meetings. Didn't want to account for his whereabouts.
Parker -- August 2006
Insubordinate, abusive, and threatening.
Powers -- August 2006
A history of losing her temper and swearing.
Silva -- August 2006
Part of her job is driving a van. Fired for careless driving.
Van Hee -- August 2006
A property manager failed to charge the early termination fees required by the owners.
Williams -- August 2006
The employer says he was late once a week. He says he was only late four times a month. O K.
Ambaye -- July 2006
Said he was out of work when he was not. Now, has to pay back the benefits he received, plus a penalty.
Garcia -- July 2006
Did not call in; did not show; did not open the office.
Hebrink -- July 2006
Disrespected a patient.
Humenik -- July 2006
Tight management does not amount to a hostile work place.
Jaskowiak -- July 2006
Missed his hearing. But the subsequent notice telling him how to apply for reconsideration did not advise him of his rights.
Jelinek -- July 2006
A delivery driver had pornographic cards in his truck.
Krmpotich -- July 2006
His job was not secure. His wife accepted a job elsewhere. He quit to move with her.
Lee -- July 2006
Her commissions were based on figures which they refused to give her access to.. So she quit.
Malinowsky -- July 2006
Failed a drug test; kicked out of rehab; thinks he should collect unemployment.
North American -- July 2006
A cleaning service claims it's cleaners are independent contractors.
Ojala -- July 2006
He gave 45 days notice. They replaced him next week.
Petelin -- July 2006
A little harmless horseplay. The employer took it too seriously.
Popel -- July 2006
He did not submit paperwork in a timely and complete manner.
Stratton -- July 2006
Quit for medical reasons; but did not give the employer a chance to accomodate his needs.
Walker -- July 2006
Quit because she thought she was going to be fired.
Duran -- June 2006
Quit because dissatisfied with the working conditions.
Hiti -- June 2006
They paid him benefits. Then they decided he was ineligible. Now, he must pay back the benefits.
Khan -- June 2006
Her husband was killed in a robbery. Therefore, when the store began requiring her to carry the deposit to the bank, she refused and quit.
Lysdahl -- June 2006
Cash shortages. But what counts is: Failed to deposit the cash as instructed.
Mason -- June 2006
One of the partners at the law firm would get angry and cuss. So this secretary quit.
Mittag -- June 2006
They told her if they got any more complaints about her, she would be fired. They did.
Ryan -- June 2006
Inappropriate use of petty cash funds and unauthorized expenditures.
Steele -- June 2006
He cannot collect unemployment because, even though he was laid off from his other job, he continues to be a self-employed real estate agent
Stewart -- June 2006
She worked for a business owned by her husband's family. When her husband said he wanted a divorce. she quit.
Tandan -- June 2006
A housekeeper repeatedly entered residents' rooms withoyt knocking.
Adam -- May 2006
Argued with the boss.
Ali -- May 2006
He is a student; therefore ineligible. He says he would quit if offered a job. Not good enough.
Behnke -- May 2006
Frequently tardy.
Kennedy -- May 2006
He appealed one day too late.
Kirsch -- May 2006
"There is no common-law or equitable basis for allowing unemployment benefits. "
Morales -- May 2006
The unemployment department does not want to pay benefits for the period between when he was laid off and when he applied. But they had advised him to delay application.
Murfield -- May 2006
Ate a pint of ice cream without paying for it.
Nutassy -- May 2006
Refused to perform the work as instructed. Threw papers at the manager. Claims it's all discrimination.
Redepenning -- May 2006
She quit because the manager bumped into her with a pan.
Rubbelke -- May 2006
Says the reason she was frequently late was owing to her medical condition.
Sidney -- May 2006
After she reported a colleague for stealing, she got telephone threats and a rock through her window. She quit.
Tate -- May 2006
Refused to sign a warning, because it said he had alcohol on his breath.
Busch -- April 2006
His side business interfered with his work.
Chappelear -- April 2006
She says she was fired. The employer says she quit. The Unemployment Law Judge decides which one to believe.
Currie -- April 2006
Quit when they demoted her and drastically cut her wages.
Foster -- April 2006
Refused to take the classes which the employer required for job training.
Gephart -- April 2006
A seasonal employee could have worked in the shop during the down season; instead, he decided to take the winter off to catch up on some projects.
Kieft -- April 2006
He was learning on the job. He made mistakes. Two costly mistakes by a beginner do not constitute misconduct.
Hebzinski -- April 2006
He didn't apply for enough jobs. So they cut off his unemployment.
Ho -- April 2006
Two altercations, one sexual harassment, and yelling at the supervisor.
Montague -- April 2006
She quit because of insufficient staffing.
Pearcy -- April 2006
A bookkeeper made a mistake; then transferred money from account to account to make it even.
Auren -- March 2006
Because his vacation pay was paid by his union, not his employer, it will not be deducted from his unemployment benefits. But
Bollig -- March 2006
His pension is deducted from his unemployment benefits.
Davis -- March 2006
He got upset when his paycheck was misplaced in the mail. Said he wouldn't work until he was paid. They say he quit; he says he was fired.
Domineck -- March 2006
His timecard shows that he wrote in start and quit times for three days when he had called in sick.
Gray -- March 2006
Chronic tardiness.
Keohane -- March 2006
She demanded more money. They gave her more. She signed a contract. She still wanted more. So she quit.
Kettula -- March 2006
Whenever there was a paperwork error, the store would take credit for the sale from her account. She took one back.
Kokal -- March 2006
Dropped his truck into an auger. Fired for not following safe procedure.
Mbwaro -- March 2006
A nurse aide didn't perform the required duties.
Orum -- March 2006
Laid off. Waited for his employer to recall him, rather than actively looking for work.
Tran -- March 2006
His first benefit year ran out. He must work and earn before beginning a new claim.
Alberle -- February 2006
They say he faked an inventory. The court says he collects because they did not show he faked it several times.
Ancrum -- February 2006
While placed on unpaid involuntary administrative leave, he may collect unemployment, despite the fact he was eventually terminated for misconduct.
Davis -- February 2006
Her absence was due to illness. The fact she did not have a doctor's note does not make it misconduct, despite employer policy.
Leduc -- February 2006
His time sheets do not macth the building access logs.
Olisa -- February 2006
The DEED denied his request to subpoena three witnesses who could support his version of events.
Petersen -- February 2006
Repeatedly tardy.
Pomeroy -- February 2006
They sped up the production line. He couldn't keep up. He found another job and quit. Couldn't pass the physical at the new job. Now he's out of work.
Sabet -- February 2006
Asked permission to fire someone. They told her no. She did it anyway.
Sorenson -- February 2006
Said he had ro reduce his work for medical reasons. But would not produce a doctor's note, because he didn't want to get a doctor involved.
Jackson -- January 2006
Called in sick four minutes before her shift.
Jeffrey -- January 2006
The hair salon closed. The company offered her work at another salon. But her customers would not follow her there.
Joseph -- January 2006
Her social security is deducted from her unemployment benefits.
Powell -- January 2006
When she applied for a job as office manager, she did not reveal that she was up foir burglary and forgery.
Sloat -- January 2006
Bad mouthed the company, porn surfed, and rifled through Human Resource files.


Neal -- November 2005
Various attendance problems
Oachs -- November 2005
Quit because of stress.
Soder -- October 2005
Arm surgery led to work restrictions, so he quit.
Young -- October 2005
No call; no show.
Beitsch -- September 2005
The van driver talked with his passengers.
Boe -- September 2005
Migraines made her miss work.
Hodges -- September 2005
Extended leave of absence unauthorized.
Jenkins -- September 2005
Jailed. Could not get the employer to respond by phone to authroize work release.
Odegard -- September 2005
Applied for and collected over 9 grand in unemployment while her was in prison. Telephone claims are mighty convenient.
Abdi -- August 2005
Absenteeism, incompatibility, personal business, etc.
Batterson -- August 2005
Falsified his doctor's excuse.
Heille -- August 2005
Conducted her own business from work.
McNutt -- August 2005
Jailed for DWI. Asked his sister to tell the employer he couldn't come in. That wasn't good enough.
Studley -- August 2005
To receive Trade Readjustment Allowance benefits, he needed to enroll in a federally approved training program. He enrolled in a state approved program which was not federally approved.
Vickers -- August 2005
A drug counselor was hard on addicts.
Almquist -- July 2005
Had to drive for work. Lost his license DWI.
Duklet -- July 2005
Volunteered to be laid off.
Frank -- July 2005
He applied to be transferred and was approved. But before they could find a replacement for him, he quit.
Garrison -- July 2005
Her contract was not renewed.
Lee -- July 2005
Made a sensible remark which a customer did not like.
Morris -- July 2005
They fired her nephew, so she quit.
Santema -- July 2005
Ongoing conflicts with a subordinate.
Trigo -- July 2005
This van driver did not seat belt her disabled passengers.
Anderson -- June 2005
She quit because they gave her more responsibilities.
Ashong -- June 2005
A school custodian neglected to lock the doors.
Davis -- June 2005
A laborer quit because she got pregnant.
Earn -- June 2005
Cussed the boss.
Hartley -- June 2005
A switchboard operator is stressed by abusive calls made by a worker's ex-boyfriend.
Manke -- June 2005
Says she never got the notice, and that's why she appealed late.
Matteson -- June 2005
She was laid off the day shift. Six months later, the employer offered her an evening shift. She refused.
Nelson -- June 2005
On strike, locked out, worked one week and quit. Wants Trade Readjustment Act benefits.
Rebeck -- June 2005
He was caught doctoring a receipt to balance the till.
Skjod -- June 2005
They switched him from salary to commission; so he quit.
Walters -- June 2005
They disagreed about selling the business.
Andrews -- May 2005
Claimed harrassment; quit.
Carlson -- May 2005
Her job was eliminated. They offered her another. Instead, she applied for unemployment.
Cook -- May 2005
The boss kept feeling her up.
Gutierrez -- May 2005
A mason has trouble working enough hours in Winter.
Jacob -- May 2005
He said he was unemployed and collected unemployment while he had a job. Now he has to pay back what he received, plus a fine.
Johnson -- May 2005
The shop closed. The owner offerred her a job at another shop. She thought she would make less there, so she quit.
Montanari -- May 2005
Five various misconducts.
Ryan -- May 2005
As soon as he hurt his back at work, they began to complain about his performance.
Samuel -- May 2005
An insurance saleman paid strictly commission may be an independent contractor; but if he is paid benefits as well, he is an employee.
Valdez -- May 2005
Signed in at 3:45, but put down 3:30.
Vaughn -- May 2005
An administrative assistant unwittingly got caught in the middle of her boss's family dispute.
Yaggy -- May 2005
A colleague stressed her out, so she quit.
Black -- Apr. 2005
Had a fight, argued with the supervisor, tardy several times.
Bulbula -- Apr. 2005
Offered work, but turned it down.
Huston -- Apr. 2005
Too many points accumulated on the point system.
Jewett -- Apr. 2005
An apprentice bricklayer did not want to do laborer's work.
Kouatli -- Apr. 2005
She wanted to take a month off. The employer could not guarantee her job would still be there when she returned.
Mattila -- Apr. 2005
Managers wanted to meet with her to discuss performance. She refused.
Meyer -- Apr. 2005
She has no wage credits.
Nygaard -- Apr. 2005
Complained about sexual harassment, but asked the employer to do nothing about it. When the employer did nothing about it, quit.
Raskin -- Apr. 2005
The manager made unauthrized payments to himself.
Rippentrop -- Apr. 2005
He got tired of dealing with the owner, who he said often drank on the job.
Williams -- Apr. 2005
A nursing home resident accused him of sexual harassment.
Giller -- Mar. 2005
A daycare teacher handed her charges off to another teacher and left before her replacement showed up.
Kaiser -- Mar. 2005
The temp agency offered him another assigment, but at a lower rate of pay. He turned it down.
Malkowski -- Mar. 2005
Failed a drug test. Required to take a leave of absence and rehab. Wants to collect unemployment while on leave.
Rowe -- Mar. 2005
Performance problems. Refused to sign their "corrective action plan".
Snyder -- Mar. 2005
A pattern of absences.
VanNess -- Mar. 2005
A bartender served drinks to a colleague until he got sick, then continued serving hime until he assaulted her.
Washington -- Mar. 2005
Alcohol, cocaine, and pot. Claimed he was going to rehab again, but did not go.
Wavescorx -- Mar. 2005
He asked for time off, but was denied. He says he was fired for asking. They say he just didn't show up after that.
Zupfer -- Mar. 2005
A seasonal cashier was asked to stay on after the Christmas season. He refused, then didn't show up for four days.
Benedix -- Mar. 2005
A short fuse.
Hull -- Feb. 2005
Complaints about a cable installer's performance and coutesy.
Mellin -- Feb. 2005
The final incident wasn't much; but he had exhausted the progressive discipline policy.
Ntamere -- Feb. 2005
Eliminated his night shift. He didn't want to work the day shift.
Roedl -- Feb. 2005
He thinks the unemployment benefits from his previous claim should have been included in the calculation of wage credits for his new claim because they are considered taxable income.
Schilling -- Feb. 2005
Neglected to enter estimates, contracts, and appointments in company computer. Referred prospects to other contractors.
Schilling -- Feb. 2005
After 15 years experience doing the same job for someone else, she was sure that she knew a better way.
Sherriff -- Feb. 2005
A cook repeatedly made sexual remarks to the housekeepers.
Strande -- Feb. 2005
Did not do as she was told.
Thoreson -- Feb. 2005
The new owner promised her the same annual bonus, but did not pay it. So she quit.
West -- Feb. 2005
Insubordination, poor patient care, inability to work with others, and profanity.
Bady -- Jan. 2005
Changed her schedule without approval and falsified her time card.
Faley -- Jan. 2005
The owner posted a list of those who had been late. The manager was on the list. He got angry. Did not come in next day.
Galindo -- Jan. 2005
They told her they wouldn't need her until next Monday. She thought she was fired.
Morden -- Jan. 2005
Did not call in to TeleClaim as required.
Walvatne -- Jan. 2005
A history of innapropriate behavior. Anger management does not help.


Fischer -- Dec. 2004
Shortages in her cash drawer.
Critzer -- Dec. 2004
Right before the catered wine party, the restaurant owner told the servers that the restaurant was going to keep all the tips! A couple of waitresses figured they'd get back at them by drinking the wine.
Forte -- Dec. 2004
A black African woman quit her job claiming racial and religious discrimination by a black supervisor.
Abdel-Ghani -- Dec. 2004
A car salesman refused to shake Jewish customer's hand, cussed women, abused customers, called the manager crazy.
Stevenson -- Dec. 2004
A cashier marked down two bars of soap to a dime apiece, then bought them. She said she didn't know it was wrong, because she had done it before.
Williams -- Nov. 2004
A nursing home aide was fired for waking residents too early in the morning.
Minnich -- Nov. 2004
Punched her boyfriend's time card.
Dahdi -- Nov. 2004
The hearing officer refused to admit into evidence a video tape which showed the assault for which he was fired.
Detert -- Nov. 2004
The employer told her she could collect unemployment while on voluntary leave. Wrong.
Blevins -- Nov. 2004
Told off the boss.
Fennert -- Nov. 2004
A courier took the wrong medications, got confused, and drove to the wrong place.
Mack Cunningham v Family & Children’s Service -- Nov. 2004
He told the supervisor never talk to him like that again. So she fired him.
Knowles -- Oct. 2004
The boss claimed he falsified his time. So he quit.
Rolf -- Oct. 2004
They said she slept on the job.
Larson -- Oct. 2004
He asked for a raise. The boss said no. He asked for fewer hours at the same rate of pay. The boss said no. He quit.
Zwackman -- Oct. 2004
A construction worker quit when assigned to a job site farther away.
Wickstrom -- Oct. 2004
They told her they were looking for someone to replace her. So she quit.
Nadine Schnettler v College of St. Benedict -- Oct. 2004
The boss wrote her that her performance needed to improve. So she wrote back that she resigned.
Donald Frishberg v Best Cleaners -- Sept.. 2004
A man with a bad back took a job which required lifting.
LeeAnn Grivna v Riverside Dental -- Sept. 2004
She had surgery. The employer told her take a few extra days off. But he did not pay her for those days.
Clara Brown v National American University -- Sept. 2004
A school receptionist borroed money from several students.
Airport security staff -- Sept. 2004
A whole staff of airport security guards lose their jobs when the Feds take over airport security following 9/11
Steven Grounds v Archer Daniels Midland -- August 2004
He wrote complaints in the log book.
Kathryn Koch v Sheldahl -- August 2004
She cashed a paycheck to which she was not entitled.
Kathleen Wadsworth v USPS -- July 2004
Mail carrier quits when assigned to different route.
Waletich Corp. v Commissioner -- July 2004
An employer may not appeal via telephone.
Bruce Benson v Coca Cola -- June 2004
Coke truck driver got a ticket for driving a snowmobile drunk. Did not report the ticket to the company.
Michelle Sykes v WalMart -- June 2004
She requested that the department subpoena witnesses for her hearing, but the department did not issue them.
Olesugun Osunlana v County of Ramsey -- June 2004
His request for days off was denied on the day he was off.
Hussein, Ahmed and Abdi v Cypress Semi-Conductor -- June 2004
A voluntary reduction in force.
Carolyn McAdoo v Midwest Patrol -- June 2004
FAA contract requires security guards to attend training session. She did not. Nor did she return to work.
Adar Oble v American Building Maintenance -- June 2004
Somail immigrant appeals late, saying she could not understand the notice mailed to her.
Tina Sorenson v Life Style -- June 2004
Fired the property manager when police were called to her home for domestic dispute.
Kimberly Gombold v Aramark Educational Resources -- June 2004
Quit because the place was understaffed.
Jillian McClure v Northwest Airlines -- June 2004
Took voluntary leave because employer told her she could collect unemployment. Employer wrong.
Leonard Merchlewitz v Winona Lighting -- June 2004
Fourth warning equals discharge
Timothy Butler v Butler Trucking -- June 2004
Was scheduled to be on call. Argued with the co-owner when he called.
Tara Bray v Dogs & Cats -- May 2004
Mere unsatisfactory performance does not constitute employment misconduct.
Florence Lee v T & K Foods -- May 2004
Got ill. Could not work. Says she gave the employer a doctor's note; but the employer says she did not.
Terry McMullen v Butler Trucking -- May 2004
Not yet scheduled to be on call. Argued with the co-owner when she called.
Gregory Crow v Data Recognition -- May 2004
While on unemplyment, turned down a job.
John Bureau v Syntegra -- May 2004
personal items on corporate credit card.
Toby Zeno v Turning Point -- May 2004
Ran errands for the residents at a live-in rehab and charged a fee.
Vladimir Abramov v Macy's West -- May 2004
Did not admit to criminal conviction on his employment application because did not understand English.
Marvin Wolf v Universal Sign -- May 2004
The boss told him he was acting like an independent contractor and not a team player. So he left.
Carrie Boyd v. Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe -- May 2004
Off-duty casino employee drank and swam in the pool.
Tara Bray v. Dogs & Cats -- May 2004
Did not complete all tasks on time.
David carlson v. USPS -- May 2004
Mailman threw junk mail in the trash.
David Schoeneck v. Fargo Electronics -- May 2004
Accepted severance rather than get fired.
William Joeit v. Auto Medics -- May 2004
Tow truck driver neglected to cover a car with open windows. Rain got in and damaged it.
Jane Lease v. Lawrence Carlson -- May 2004
Too many personal phone calls and smoke breaks.
Cynthia Woods v. Spectrum Community Health -- May 2004
If she saw a medication record which another worker had not initialed, she would enter that other person's initials.
Charles Ciali v. Northwest Airlines -- May 2004
In lieu of layoff, the company offered voluntary leave of absence.
Lonnie Norberg v. Twin Cities Glass Block -- May 2004
The employer says he refused a job offer; but the court says no offer was made.
James Hansen v. Central Lock -- April 2004
After an accident, reported more injuries to insurance company than to boss.
Yei Hall v. Masterson Personnel -- April 2004
Temp staffer argued with clients.
Roger Simonson v. Commissioner -- April 2004
Wants extended benefits.
Christine Sieben v. WalMart -- April 2004
Persisted in serving out of date food.
Brett Mellem v. Kaufman Sign -- April 2004
Fails to meet project deadlines.
Barbara Hanegraaf v. McDonough Truck -- April 2004
Quit when her employer screamed and swore in her face. But does not collect.
Mabelu Werutaw v. Wackenhut -- April 2004
Failed the pre-hire test, but was hired anyway. They wanted him to take the test again a year later, but he refused.
Jon Ask v. SDH -- April 2004
Late, absent, and poor performance. Finally fired for not picking up after an event.
Arthur Katz v. Municipal Parking -- April 2004
They did not like his opinions on race, and fired him when he was found asleep on the job.
Michael Solien v. WalMart -- April 2004
A college student is not eligible for unemployment
Margaret Policone v. St. Paul College -- April 2004
An angry and stressful work environment. She took leave; then didn't come back.
Edwin Hirte v. Tech-Logic -- April 2004
Colleagues complained about him. Customers complained about him. They fired him.
Thomas Hagel v. TCR -- April 2004
Refused to sign an "action plan" designed to reform his conduct, because he disputed the conduct cited in it.
Wendell Maddox v. VSI -- April 2004
He took leave; then quit. Thinks he should get unemployment because the company would have laid him off had he returned.
Lewis Davis v. Majerus Garage -- April 2004
Quit after argument with foreman.
Carolyn Reuben v. Hennepin County -- April 2004
Argumentative and rude.
Ismahan Abdi v. Masterson Personnel -- April 2004
Muslim woman refuses to wear pants. Job requires it.
Jessie Peterson v. Landmark Bank -- April 2004
Teller chronically late; often absent.
Eddie Davis v. Stainlez -- April 2004
Chronically late; often absent.
Keith Hook v Bloomington Auto Care -- March 2004
Late nearly every single day from the first day on.
Michael Daniels v Onan Corp. -- March 2004
Uses the company email to send dirty cartoons baching Osama.
Valerie Brewster v Community Memorial Hospital -- March 2004
Childcare problems lead to poor attendance.
Lani Starren v Thief River Falls -- March 2004
Quit because owner did not allow jeans.
Anna Wegner v Diamond Product Co. -- March 2004
Did not follow procedure when mixing chemicals.
William Verhaigh v CSM -- March 2004
Hotel employee rents a hotel room with an employee discount; then has a wild party there.
Judy Schlueter v Reiner Contracting -- March 2004
They started deducting sick days from vacation days. So she quit.
Kathleen DuSchane v Northwest Airlines -- March 2004
Took unpaid voluntary leave in lieu of layoff. During leave, was laid off with severance. Now the department demands she pay back the benefits she received. Unpaid leave is not unemployment.
Douglas Hertling v Anderson Trucking -- March 2004
When he got mad, he would cuss and kick a machine.
Jane Andrist v City of Wanaimingo -- March 2004
They told her quit or get fired. So she quit.
Richard Reynolds v Star Tribune -- March 2004
Took unauthorized breaks and let the press run out of paper.
Michael Mapes v WalMart -- March 2004
At a managers' "retreat", several men get drunk and visit the women's lodge.
Gregory Kvidera v Rotation Engineering -- March 2004
CEO claims misconduct minor and inadvertent. Testimony not credible.
Michael Bowman v Wrecker Services -- March 2004
Very late, very often.
Timothy Moot v Mats -- March 2004
He called to say he would be late. They demoted him when he came in late.
Tina Sorenson v. Life Style -- February 2004
Lawyer tricks: They try to use a technicality to deny her right to appeal.
Joanne Julius v Temp Force -- February 2004
A client asked a temp agency to remove her from the job. When told, she got mad and quit the temp agency.
Dennis Thom v Bailey Nurseries -- February 2004
Padded his work history when applying for the job.
Lisa Hieronymous v Johnson & Johnson -- February 2004
Falsified her time sheets, took unearned commissions, and may have even stolen money.
Laura Borchard v Mega Stop -- February 2004
Deli manager quits because the kitchen is unsafe and unclean.
Kevin Paquette v Exterior Systems -- February 2004
Took the job saying he could do the lifting. Quit when he found out he couldn't.
Joseph Goodwin v Slumberland -- February 2004
Scuffle in the parking lot.
Mario S. Vargas v. Northwest Area Foundation -- January 2004
He says hostile work environment. They say refused to perform.
Michelle Lyons v Commissioner -- January 2004
While collecting unemployment and claiming to be looking for work, she had both back and carpal tunnel surgeries, and applied for disability. Now the Department wants her to pay back the benefits she received.
Joseph King v. Metropolitan Airport -- January 2004
Says he faxxed an appeal. Department said they did not get it. Faxxed again. This time they say it's too late.
Robert Schlemmer v Metropolitan Institute of Arts -- January 2004
Depression medication caused insomnia caused tardiness.
Alice Moore v Second Harvest -- January 2004
The employer would not let her take time off to get physical therapy for her arm.
Sadat Mahamed v Anagram -- January 2004
Injured on the job. Several days off. Did not return to work nor call afterwards.
Kenneth Lang v Independent School Dist. -- January 2004
When he misbehaved, they investigated his background and found he had falsified his employment application.
Adrienne Wuorinen v Louisa Johnsen -- January 2004
The employer's testimony is not believable.
James Larrimer v JC Penney -- January 2004
One minor dissatisfaction after another does not add up to a good enough reason to quit.
Diane Hall v Park Nicolet -- January 2004
Too many angry arguments with colleagues and patients.
Paul Landreville v Northshore Mining -- January 2004
Did not follow important safety procedures.
Mario Vargas v Northwest Area Foundation -- January 2004
Refuses to participate in a performance plan designed to remedy his conduct.


Marlon Williams v. Archives Corp. -- December 2003
Did not punch in
Louis Volk v. EAH Schmidtt Assoc. -- December 2003
Attendance, arguments, falsifying records.
Tanya Scott v. Municipal Parking -- December 2003
Says her diabetes made her late.
Celesta Dupri v. Target -- December 2003
Medical leave expired. She did not return.
Michael W. Honeyford v. Brown & Bigelow -- November 2003
Attendance problems.
Andre Pope v. Commissioner -- November 2003
A student may not collect.
Cuitlahuac Sanchez v. Jennie-O Turkey -- November 2003
Glove-challenged food worker.
Mary Ann Meyer v. Metropolitan Airports Commission -- November 2003
Nasty to her colleagues
Deone Ross v. HOM Furniture -- November 2003
Moved the truck two feet without a spotter.
Sara Williams v. Catholic Charities -- November 2003
No call, no show.
Andrea L. Theisen v. Fond du Lac Management -- October 2003
Slot attendant lost her gaming license
Noushin Shafiee v. Grossman Chevrolet -- October 2003
She quit when they wouldn't let her take her vacation on the dates she had planned.
Phyllis Swenson v. WalMart -- Oct. 2003
Allowed a non-family member to use her employee discount card.
Wendy Malinsky v. CARYN -- Oct. 2003
The owner's daughter in law horned in on her position.
Cindy Lindsay v. White Earth -- 2003
She thought she saw her job among the classified ads. That stressed her out.
Allison Nordeen v. Spectators -- Sept. 2003
A pregnant bartender's doctor told her to stop working there.
Gregory Jennings v. Diamond Products -- Sept. 2003
Did not follow procedure when mixing chemicals.
Kathleen M. Haessly v. Diamond -- Sept. 2003
More of the same.
Jennifer Rootes v. WalMart -- Sept. 2003
Gievn an ultimatum: quit or be demoted. She quit.
John Richter v. Dept. of Revenue -- Sept. 2003
Appealed too late.
Barbara Dalin v. Qualex -- 2003
Copied copyrighted pictures.
Trevor Zaun v. Koehner Standard -- Sept. 2003
Not happy with the way things were done there.
Katherine Thomas v. St. Paul Harley Davidson -- Sept 2003
Another worker in the bike shop asked her out several times.
Annette Richter v. Colon & Rectal -- August 2003
Quit because she felt the place was under-staffed.
Ioannis Niklas v. Tiger Oak -- August 2003
Said he would quit if he did not get more money. They called his bluff.
Fanny Livaditis v. Minnesota Credit Association -- August 2003
Personal phone calls
Reed Roloff v. Commissioner -- August 2003
Somone receiving Social Security disability cannot collect unemployment.
Charles Ngo v. Amtech Electric -- August 2003
Worked for a competitor while working for them.
Lenore Sadergaski v. Sew What -- August 2003
Did not return after maternity leave.
Herreid -- July 2003
A part time worker always takes summers off to be with her children.
Strong Salvage -- July 2003
Fired by his own brother. For all sorts of reasons.
Zivalich -- July 2003
Says he never got the notice from the Department.
Judeh -- July 2003
An impossibly cumbersome commission procedure leads to trouble.
Hayes -- July 2003
She did not get the raise she was promised so she quit.
Barbara Thompson v. Dolphin Clerical -- July 2003
A temp worker may refuse a low paying assignment.
Carlo Cocci v. City Slick -- July 2003
A business owner cannot collect unemployment when the business fails, even though he has paid unemployment taxes on his wages.
Jacob Pankey v. Rainbow Food -- July 2003
A security guard ate fodd from the deli before paying for it.
Aldon E. Christianson v. Transport Leasing Contract -- July 2003
Did not call in for new assignment.
Jeannette Buck v. OfficeTeam -- July 2003
Shouting and cussing at colleague.
Martha Thomas v. St. Paul Church Home July -- 2003
Cussed the boss, threatened the supervisor, wrangled with colleagues.
LeRoy Dittbenner v. Tilman Carton -- 2003
First, arguing. Finally, fighting.
Lori Kartman v. Minnesota Archaeology -- June 2003
Employer does not give a good reason for firing her.
Alicia Eaton v. Dolphin Clerical -- June 2003
Temp worker unavailable for assignment.
Gerald Nelson v. Leaf Industries -- June 2003
Quit when they changed his shift. Claims he quit because the foreman was using drugs.
Roger Christiansen v. JIT Power Coating -- June 2003
Poor performance.
Gregory Lackens v. Midwestern Interiors -- June 2003
Customer complained about his work.
Sharon Lyons v Professional Claims Admin. -- June 2003
Quit because of personal problems.
Thomas Scheiderich v. Finlay Jewelry -- May 2003
Newly promoted manager quits when he finds staffing problems insuperable.
Cynthia Sobczak v. Coca-Cola -- May 2003
Quit after demoted after poor performance review.
Raymond Manning v. Taylor Corp. -- May 2003
Often late or absent.
Cecilia Davis v. J Mont -- May 2003
Car detailer got mad and quit when suspended for leaving early.
Diana Christian v. Irresistible Ink -- 2003
Had a job hand-writing greeting cards. Did not write fast enough. Claimed to write more than she did.
John Hamilton v. City of St. Paul -- 2003
Terminated bigwig cannot collect because his was a "nontenured major policy making or advisory position".
Adrian Thompson v. Marigold Foods -- May 2003
Repeatedly refused to do as he was told.
Ingeborg Green v. Park Towers -- May 2003
Insulted the boss.
Myrtle David v. Quality Staffing -- May 2003
Temp employee cancelled her assignment. Temp agency says she quit.
Afolorunso Osisanya v. Hammer residence -- May 2003
Misconduct was not intentional.
Barbara Daniels v. Carlson Construction -- May 2003
Comptroller falsified her hours and charged twenty grand on the company card.
James Koski v. Interstate Energy -- May 2003
A service tech quit because they would not pay him when he was on call.
Mark McGraw v. Vince Park Pub -- May 2003
Chef argues with restaurant owners
Michael Smith v. Jennie-O -- May 2003
This turkey trucker kills the turkeys.
Anthony Powell v. school district -- May 2003
Given an ultimatum, he quit.
Lynn Sabin v. Federal reserve Bank -- May 2003
Evidence extremely thin and circumstantial.
Gregory Johnson v. Gauthier Industries -- May 2003
Tardy all the time. But says he should collect because he was getting less tardy.
Lara v Commonbond -- April 2003
They said she consistently missed paperwork deadlines.
Lueck v Hinckley -- April 2003
When a software vendor went out of business, the person training employees to use the software took the heat.
Hansen v Infratech -- April 2003
The manager moved in with the president. When the president was caught stealing, he remained president, but the manager got fired.
Miller v WalMart -- April 2003
They say he flirted with girls who worked there. They told him to stop. He didn't.
Pierce v Wright Utility -- April 2003
He was foreman of an installation crew. In Winter, they asked him to work inside for less money. He wouldn't. He says that means they fired him. They say that means he quit.
Johannesen v NRCC -- April 2003
A school custodian and the principal got into a fight over a backed up toilet.
Toftely v Qwest -- April 2003
She forwarded a confidential email to her husband, a lawyer, to ask his advice.
Quarve v Wackenhut -- April 2003
He asked for the day off. They said no. So he called in sick instead.
Atkinson v QWEST -- April 2003
Whenever she stepped away from her cubicle, the other workers put tacks on her chair and messed with her phone. She complained. Nothing was done. Finally, she got mad, cussed a guy, and slapped him. She was fired.
Washington v Allen -- April 2003
The hearing officer goofed up the hearing.
Hovey -- April 2003
He collected unemployment and workers comp at the same time. They call it fraud. The court disagrees.
Harris v Efunds -- April 2003
He appealed too late.
Renstrom v Keiger -- March 2003
Someone who was just hired made more money than he did.
Pribble v Edina Care -- March 2003
She complained of sexual harassment. They complained of her work.
Swartz v Securian -- March 2003
Their ethics code prohibited insider trading.
Lewis v Novartis -- March 2003
Bad attendace. He says he got a bum hearing.
Strickland v ML Manor -- March 2003
She did not want to change her shift.
Abyss v Ajax -- March 2003
He didn't get along with the owner's son; nor did he do what the owner told him.
Monson v BP -- March 2003
This truck driver was a bad driver.
Dawson v Minnegasco -- Feb 2003
She had to drive for work. She lost her license. Therefore, she lost her job.
Morse v Cleary -- Feb 2003
A salesman did not sell enough, so they cut his salary. He quit.
Pepin v DOA -- Feb 2003
He got into other people's emails
Howard v Merit Printing -- Feb. 2003
He says they fired him because he couldn't speak properly. They say they fired him because he didn't perform the work properly.
DeNio v Interchange Inc -- Feb 2003
The owner offered to sell them the company. But when the deal went sour, he cut her pay.
Kruger v New Era -- Feb 2003
She quit because they required her to illegally notarize documents. She does not collect because they corrected their procedure.
Morse v GMAC -- January 2003
He worked for competitors at the same time he worked for GMAC. They told him to stop. He didn't.
Tornio v Mulcahy Drywall -- January 2003
He did not report to the unemployment office.
Koschak v RCM -- January 2003
She worked with a single mother with a heart condition and two asthmatic children. This mother had naturally missed plenty of time because of these health problems. The company required the mother to sign a form saying she would not miss any more days for six months. The mother would not sign the agreement, because she knew she could not keep it. and quit. Koschak circulated a card urging donations so they could give their co-worker a cash gift on her way out the door. The company fired her for that. Hearts like tundra.


Evjen v Flatwater Fleet -- Nov 2002
They don't want to pay him unemployment because, between him and his parents, they own 25% of the company. The court doesn't want to hear his case because his Dad signed the appeal, and not him.
Elzea v Sween -- September 2002
A couple of women could not get along. The company tried to solve the problem. One quit.
Watts v Wildfire -- Sept 2002
They laid him off. He collected unemployment. They offered him three little one-time jobs totaling six hours of work. He refused. Because of that, he is disqualified from unemployment.
Moench v RRBB -- Sept 2002
They said he accessed porn on his computer.
Payne -- Sept 2002
He wants a 401K distribution counted as wages, in order to qualify for an extended benefit year.
Akopi -- August 2002
He met a deadbeat in a bar. He let him stay at his apartment. The deadbeat saw him collect unemployment by phone. After he returned to work, the deadbeat called up, pretended to be him, collected checks, and cashed them. Now, the department wants him to pay back what the deadbeat stole. They say the signatures look like his.
Schwartz -- August 2002
He called the Job Service and asked them, if he quit, could he collect. They said no. So when he quit, he did not bother to apply. A month later, a friend urged him to apply. When he did, he qualified. Now he says they should pay him from the time he quit, because they gave him bad advice. They say they only have to pay him from the time he applied.
Langeslag v Dairy Queen August 2002
The company was losing money. The owner told her she was out of a job and asked her to write a letter saying she quit. She did. She collects.
Sexton v Hitchcock July 2002
Mike insulted Doug. Mike walked away. Doug followed Mike and threw the first punch. Now, Doug says he should collect, because the punch was self-defense.
Saxe v Ginelli's -- July 2002
A pizza delivery guy had a flat on the way to the shop. When he got there, the shop told him to go away because they were busy. He cussed on the way out.
Tatum v Kind Hearts July 2002
They say she forged twelve grand in company checks. She denies it, and says she should collect unemployment.
Renard v Bay Home -- July 2002
She had an accident in the company car. She did not tell the boss.
Abdi Jama v Advantek -- July 2002
He would not do what he was told.
Sipe v Ability -- July 2002
She took off for personal problems without calling in.
Madsen v Adam Corp. -- July 2002
Varicose veins meant she could no longer stand all day.
Houston v IDT -- June 2002
They have a tape of the phone call. It plainly shows that the customer was extremely rude to her, and not the other way around. And yet, they fired her for rudeness.
Gerundo v Asset Mktg. -- June 2002
A telemarketer thought the customer had said yes, so he charged his credit card. The customer says he didn't authorize the charge.
Ahsan v Radisson -- June 2002
A security guard couldn't get along with others.
Seaburg v Qwest -- May 2002
He did not show up on time and he falsified his time sheets.
Honey Ly v Super Valu -- May 2002
The supervisor yelled at her and made her cry. She went home.
Radu Rasidescu -- May 2002
An alien was brought to the country to do a specific job for a specific employer. When he lost his job, he lost his green card, and so he can't collect unemployment.
Schmidgall v Filmtec -- May 2002
She hurt her back leaving the place. She did not report her injury until the next day. So they fired her.
Dalman -- April 2002
He got severance pay for five weeks. They told him that made him ineligible for five weeks. After waiting five weeks, he called in to collect his check. They said they weren't going to pay him because he had not reported to the unemployment office during the five weeks he was ineligible to collect.
Schwerzler v Cortec -- March 2002
They told him they wanted the work done like so. He replied: "If that's the way it is, then I don't want to work here anymore," and left. Now he wants unemployment.
Swanson v Trinity -- March 2002
They did not protest in time, but they did appeal in time.
West v Copper Sales March 2002
He poked another worker in the throat.
Buresh v Albinson Reprographics March 2002
He cussed out someone he worked with.
Zangle v Ridgedale -- March 2002
A mechanic worked on his own car during work hours.
Schuttloffel v Carroll February 2002
She came in late too often.
Thrall v Lund Industries -- Feb 2002
The plant was to going to close, and everyone would be laid off. The company offered a bonus to anyone who would stay to the last minute. He stayed, and collected this bonus. After he was laid off, he collected unemployment. But now, the Department says this bonus was severance, disqualifying him from benefits, and tells him he has to pay back the money that he collected from them.
Bolstad v Computer Concepts -- Feb 2002
She refused to travel out of town overnight because she had to take care of her mentally ill daughter. So they fired her.
Pahl-Jones v ASI -- January 2002
A sign painter was getting sick breathing paint fumes. The company bought her new safety equipment. But then they would not let her use it! She quit. She collects.
Statham v Atlas -- January 2002
A temp accepted an assignment, went there one day, and did not return. They say he quit. But he says he did not know it was a three day assignment.
Farthing v ABM -- January 2002
A maintenance man slept on the job.
Westervelt v Paper Magic January 2002
She did not appeal in time.
Chin v Little Six -- Jan 2002
A casino cashier failed to renew her license.


Bodenweiser v Quality Print Dec, 2001
A guy working at a print shop did a job for his buddy for free.
Langmade v Glen Oaks Nov, 2001
She refused to be evaluated.
Bruce v Price Oct, 2001
They cut back his hours and assigned him to work on days which he had already planned to be elsewhere. He quit. He does not collect.
Haywood v QWest Oct, 2001
He surfed the net while at work.
Matschi v Blue Cross Oct, 2001
A woman was stressed out by work. She went to a psychiatrist who told her to quit. So she did. She does not collect because she never told her employer about her problem.
Huston v Hicks Oct, 2001
A truck driver was supposed to be paid by the mile. But instead of paying him what the odometer showed, they paid him what a computer said the distance was. He quit. He does not collect.
Gavin v Outdoorsman Oct, 2001
When the restaurant changed payroll companies, checks came in late. The restaurant offered to lend employees cash until checks arrived, but this dishwasher got mad and refused to work until the checks showed up. When her check showed, she was told she was out of a job. The court says the employer tried its best. She does not collect.
DeMarais v Jordan Sept, 2001
A receptionist at a medical clinic asked a patient to fill a prescription and sell the drugs to her.
Mueller Sept, 2001
Her doctor said she should not work more than 3 hours a day. She does not collect.
Parker v School Dist Sept, 2001
A school bus driver does not collect during summer vacation.
Winans v Elm Waseca SLS Sept, 2001
The Dept. of Human Services told the state hospital they had to get rid of this guy because he had a criminal background. They did. He does not collect.
Elsner v. Belzer Sept, 2001
A car salesman also sold cars at home. He does not collect.
Adam v. First Contact Sept, 2001
A customer service rep dropped calls. He does not collect.
New-Mech v. Youness Sept, 2001
They did not drug test him when he was hired. He refused to take a test a month later. They fired him. He collects.
Parson v St. Louis Park Aug, 2001
In unemployment cases, women frequently complain that the stress of work made them quit; but this case takes stress to a new level. This woman complained of stress so strenuously that the employer thought she might be suicidal, and called the police, who picked her up and took her to the hospital, where she was kept until released by a psychiatrist. She was so mad at the company she never came back. She does not collect.
Anderson v. KMart Aug, 2001
On the 14th, they gave him grief about his business on the side. He got mad and said the 17th would be his last day. They called on the 16th and said he was fired. The court says this was a quit.
Burnett v. Intrepid Aug, 2001
A part-time home health aide quit when her hours were reduced by a client. She does not collect.
Steiner v. White Wolf Aug, 2001
She would not work 40 hours as agreed, so they fired her.
Krismer v. McGough Aug, 2001
He asked his foreman to lay him off. The foreman did. That's the same as if he quit.
Smith v. Applied Systems Aug, 2001
She had chronic attendance problems. She used up all her sick and vacation time. She was warned that she would get fired if she didn't straighten out. She didn't straighten out. She was fired. And yet, this court says she should collect unemployment.
Peak v. Handicabs Aug, 2001
State regs prohibit hiring people who have committed violent crimes as handicap bus drivers. When the company found he had been charged with assault, they suspended him. He won't talk about it.
Brezinski vs. Brezinski Jul., 2001
Family squabbles over the business after Dad dies.
Neng Xiong July, 2001
No call + no show = no job.
Alfred Storm July, 2001
While he was on vacation, they found magazines with dirty pictures in a filing cabinet and blamed it on him. He collects.
Ray Taylor July, 2001
Even after repeated warnings, he would not show up reliably, or would take off and disappear.
Jerome Franssen July, 2001
He did not want to drive 27 miles to work.
John Kutt July, 2001
He never would show up on time. When they tried to give him a warning, he walked out.
Dennis Herstein July., 2001
This is a total tangle. He sold his business. He applied for unemployment. They paid him 4 months, then decided they wanted their money back, then decided they didn't, then decided they paid him too high a rate, then decided..... etc.
David Selvig June, 2001
He would not get to work on time.
Patrice Montpetit June, 2001
The employer said she would not keep a regular schedule.
Mary Carruthers Jun., 2001
A city inspector walked into a daycare, barricaded herself in the bathroom, smeared soap all over the walls, and was escorted to the door mumbling incoherently and smelling of alcohol. When she returned to her office, they drug tested her, but it appears that she watered down the sample. They fired her.
Timothy P. McCarthy Jun., 2001
A guard at juvenile hall was caught having a homosexual affair with an under-age inmate. And he thinks he should collect unemployment!
David Buhl May, 2001
This claim went through seven different reviews and court hearings, all based on a technical omission which the department has no evidence of. Jiminy Cricket!
Scott Knack vs. Bohemian Cue May, 2001
They fired him for flirting with the girls.
Daniel Barrett May, 2001
He would not do the paperwork.
John Knodel May, 2001
He had a heart attack. While in the hospital, the boss told his wife to tell him not to bother to come back. They would not even return his phone calls. And yet, they pretend that he quit.
Judy Git May, 2001
The first person she talked to at the department told her there was an official appeal form which she had to fill out. There was not. But she took so long trying to track one down that her appeal came too late.
Lori Christensen May, 2001
She didn't like the way a warning was worded, so she walked out.
Debra Pearson May, 2001
They were going to fire her for her bad attitude, but she quit before they could.
Paul Schidman May, 2001
An airline employee got 16 free tickets a year for his own use. He gave one to a friend to use, then pinched it before it got back to the counting room, so they wouldn't find out what he'd done.
Shirley Herness May, 2001
She falsified time cards to collect an extra grand. Her excuse is that she was so depressed that she didn't know what she was doing.
Mary Fukar May, 2001
There are loads of unemployment cases in Minnesota where there was an altercation on the job. These altercations frequently end with "I quit!". After which, the claimant says he or she was fired.
Joe Oakley May, 2001
They cut his sales territory to a third its size and required him to split his commissions with someone else. He did not see how he could live on that. So he quit. He does not collect.
Teryl Marple May, 2001
A waitress kept coming up short. They gave her warnings and suspensions and reinstatements and so forth. Then one day she came up a hundred bucks light in the till. And then she left.
Alan Pearson Apr., 2001
They didn't like his performance. They sent him home. He called. They didn't return the call. Why doesn't he collect?
Robert VanDoren Apr., 2001
He was caught between conflicting directives. The bottling plant told him under no circumstances ever run out of water. But they told him don't turn on the water in the new room yet. When he ran out of water, he turned on the new supply. So they fired him. He does not collect.
Delerine Schaeppi Apr., 2001
She was fired twice for attendance, reinstated each time by the union's intervention, failed a drug test, sent to treatment, kicked out of the program --- yet she thinks she should collect unemployment.
Wayne Gross Apr., 2001
The department does not shine in this case. They have an appeal letter stamped as received in January, initialed as received in October, by someone they cannot identify, and the person who sent it has never testified when he sent it.
Alton Edwards Apr., 2001
He left for 20 minutes without punching out and lied about where he had gone. They fired him. He does not collect.
Stephen Berens Mar., 2001
He did not do the paperwork.
Eric King Feb., 2001
They say he quit. He says he was terminated.
Jason VanWert Mar., 2001
According to him, he wound up in jail, not because he was drunk, again, but because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Jennifer Labey Feb., 2001
They downgraded her office, skipped her raise, and required her to come in an hour earlier, so she quit.
Central Specialties Aug., 2001
The state agency wrongly collected too much tax from this employer. The employer paid under protest. After lengthy litigation, the court determined the state had to hand back the money. Now, the employer wants interest on the money wrongly held by the state. The court says no.
Jennifer Myers Feb., 2001
A home health worker did not like her schedule.
City of Gilbert Feb., 2001
They fired him when they found he had spoken to another city about a job. He collects.
Brennan Feb., 2001
A man missed a lot of time when had trouble with his artificial leg. But he did not furnish the employer medical documentation. He does not collect.
Lindsey Asmus Jan., 2001
Her story kept changing. First she had a bad back, then she didn't. Then she had a sleeping disorder, but maybe not. She does not collect.
Decebal Soican Jan., 2001
A machinist threw a tantrum over a pair of calipers.
Haugan Jan., 2001
He kept bothering a girl in another office. They told him stay away. He wouldn't. They put it in writing. He ignored it. They even got a restraining order against him, but he still did not get the message.
Toliffson v Subway -- Jan 2001
A sandwich shop manager was just too nasty to the employees.
Louricas Jan., 2001
A temp agency offered her jobs which were too far away.
Coe Jan., 2001
A machinist did not check the parts against the print.
Sheri J. Veenhuis Jan., 2001
She left work early.
Benson Jan., 2001
A liquor store owner sold his business, then collected unemployment. He must pay it back.


Yon Groebner Dec., 2000
A homeless woman did not get the appeal notice sent by mail to, obviously, the wrong address, so she missed the appeal deadline.
Steven Carlson Dec., 2000
A psychiatrist lost his license, so the employer suspended him. He thought they would fire him, so he quit. He does not collect.
Joseph Wenderski Dec., 2000
He did not document his treatment program.
Raymond Duffy Oct., 2000
He had long planned an approved vacation. But then he took a month's medical leave. When he came back, they told him no vacation. He insisted. They fired him. He collects.
Ubaldo Ramos Oct., 2000
He was frequently AWOL and took long lunch breaks. He does not collect.
Jensen vs. DES Oct., 2000
This business must pay unemployment taxes on the earnings of the business partners.
James Kelly Sept., 2000
They paid him unemployment for four months, then decided on appeal that he was disqualified. Now he has to pay the money back.
Kathleen Skluzacek Aug., 2000
The department's telephone claim system did not work.
Swanson vs. Trinity Universal Aug., 2000
A worker wants to collect unemployment despite misconduct on the grounds that the employer appealed late.
Paquin vs. Commissioner Aug., 2000
He called up the office of the adjudicator of his appeal and explained his circumstances to someone there who told him not to worry, that he would straighten everything out. Now, he is denied benefits on the grounds that he should not have trusted the person he talked to in the adjudicator's office.
Phuong vs. Marynak Aug., 2000
A dentist and her assistant squabbled over a lot of little things. Their account of each item differs. He collects.
Richard Reiss vs. Commissioner July, 2000
He didn't pay his taxes, so they raised his rate.
Gary Rubbelke vs. BTD July, 2000
A comedy of errors: A lodge owner called the manager to say that one employee had seen another with a baggie containing what looked like pot. The manager drove to the lodge, where the employee said he had found the baggie when cleaning out a room and threw it in the dumpster. The manager dug the baggie out of the dumpster to confirm the story, then stuck it in his pocket, and headed home. On the way home, he picked up his wife at the store. They stopped for gas. As he was pumping, she emptied the car trash can, including the baggie. The lodge owner accused the manager of dealing drugs to the other employee, and fired him. He does not collect.
Everett Henry vs. Computer Products July, 2000
When business slowed down, they reduced his hours. He quit and went on unemployment. Business picked up, they offered him a full-time job, but he did not take it. He does not collect.
Kris Johnson vs. Dolphin Staffing July, 2000
The agency says she is disqualified from Unemployment because she refused a job assignment some time before she was laid off from the job which resulted in her unemployment.
Perovich vs. Bituminous July, 2000
A seasonal employee, a bookkeeper, was somehow held personally liable for the company's unpaid unemployment taxes. They sent him notice at the employer's address during a season when he was not working there. Because he never got it in time, he never appealed it in time. Therefore, the Department says his chance to appeal ran out.
Lyon Conley July, 2000
First, he said he quit to move to Illinois. Then he said he quit because he got hurt on the job two weeks after he quit. Now, he says he quit, for "personal reasons". But he thinks he should collect unemployment.
Nathan Dressel July, 2000
A delivery driver got mad when his truck broke down.
Peppi vs. Wheatley Center July, 2000
A woman day care worker got all creeped out when another woman started flirting with her. She complained to management. Management did nothing. She quit. She collects.
Kathleen Altmann vs. United Healthcare June, 2000
She says the "main reason" she quit was because smokers in the office gave her asthma. The issue is undecided.
Joe Amborn vs. ANR June, 2000
These teamsters get to collect unemployment while on strike.
Dennis Milbrant vs. Century Community June, 2000
He took an unpaid leave even after they told him not to.
Tim Edward vs. Sentinel Mgmt. June, 2000
As part of his worker's comp claim settlement, he quit his job. He does not collect unemployment in addition.
Myron Simonson vs. Lincoln Baking June, 2000
A comptroller does not produce reports, so he is fired.
Paul Kokesch vs. Postal Service June, 2000
Workers had trouble getting along at the post office. There were threats, squabbles, and altercations. So he quit. He does not collect.
Donna Harms vs. Rosepoint Senior June, 2000
When her manager came into the kitchen to complain about her cooking, she stomped out, saying "You hate me!".
Arthur Haywood May, 2000
He filed his appeal a day too late.
Susan Goldenson vs. Firstsite Staffing May, 2000
A temp refused assignments, so she does not collect.
LeVonne Ericson vs Decathlon Hotel May, 2000
A waitress served her daughter free food.
Lisa Hein vs. Precision Assoc. May, 2000
She had a poor attendance record, so they reassigned her. She didn't like that and quit. She does not collect.
Marian Schmidt vs. Tennant Co. May, 2000
She missed the email which told her she could not leave early that day.
Lance Milliman vs. Gannon Elevator May, 2000
The boss yelled at a truck driver. The truck driver walked away. Next day, he did not show. He does not collect.
James Bill vs. Coloplast May, 2000
He refused to package drugs before they were inspected, so they fired him. He collects.
Don Lassila vs. TRM May, 2000
He got into a wreck with his truck. It was his fault. They fired him. He collects.
Kathleen Plamann vs. Mail Handling May, 2000
Even after they warned her about attendance, she was late 9 times in 15 days.
Barbara Westlund vs. Sprint / United May, 2000
She said she was taking a leave to care for her mother. That's a leave which they would pay for. Then she admitted that she had actually taken care of her grandmother, which is a type of leave they wouldn't pay for. They say they fired her. She said she quit. Either way, she does not collect.
William Schreiner vs. Belair Builders May, 2000
They paid him less than his previous job, so he quit. He does not collect.
Larry Dobson vs. Lutheran Soc. Serv. May, 2000
A disaster relief worker annoyed everybody. They fired him. He does not collect.
Judith Reynolds vs. Osiris Holding May, 2000
They fired her because she falsified her commission reports, but, because they did not bring the audit paperwork to the hearing, she collects.
Donald Dobsinski vs. Sears Auto May, 2000
He let a friend use the company truck.
Agnes Mbong vs New Horizons April, 2000
When she got laid off, she tried a temp agency, but they only assigned her to a very few, very short-term jobs, so she quit to spend her time looking for something full time. She collects.
Tong Lee vs. Japs Olson April, 2000
He asked a colleague to tell the supervisor that he was leaving because his hurt leg was killing him. The colleague did not. They fired him. He collects.
Kenneth Evins vs. Freedom Place April, 2000
They fired him because he lent five dollars to a colleague. I kid you not.
Thomas Maternowski vs. Minnesota Best Maid Cookie April, 2000
He refused to operate the cookie cutter. Said he was not trained to cut cookies. They fired him. He collects.
Blanda vs. Garski Mar., 2000
The State of Minnesota put out a summary of wage and hour laws. The company circulated the summary to each employee, asking them to sign that they had read it. He refused to sign because he thought the summary was wrong. They argued. They told him punch out. He did not return to work. He says he was fired. They say he quit.
Martin Wagner Feb., 2000
He kept leaving early and didn't finish the jobs in time, so they fired him.
Paul Carlson Jan., 2000
They paid him severance, so he does not collect.


Chuck Shibley Dec., 1999
His wife neglected their child, so he frequently had to be absent to care for the tot. They call that misconduct. He does not collect.
Laura Rice Dec., 1999
She quit when her project was delayed, despite other offers. She does not collect.
Heidi Stottler Dec., 1999
The Commissioner's representative ordered a review of her case. But then he did absolutely nothing about it. Eventually, tired of waiting, she appealed herself. But now they say she appealed too late. The court says it was their delay, not hers, which made her appeal late.
Phyllis Erb Nov., 1999
She sold her business to avoid bankruptcy. She disclosed all the facts to the state. The state paid her unemployment. Now, they want their money back.
Mark McKay Oct., 1999
A security guard got arrested.
Lori Meisner Oct., 1999
A convenience store cashier drank a couple of sodas.
Janice Grimsgard Aug., 1999
They offered her a job, but it was 65 miles away.
Douglas Coy July, 1999
The president of a bankrupt corporation is personally liable for unpaid taxes.
Abdikadir Mahamed vs Quality Staffing June, 1999
The temp firm says they called him thirteen times with work offers, and he did not take them. He says he called them twenty times, and they did not have work. The court believes the temp firm.
Gerald Girtz vs. Maier Transport June, 1999
He was late on his deliveries, fell asleep at the wheel, got in an accident, and does not collect.
Rajindar, Harjit, and Kavita Madan vs. Commissioner June, 1999
Harjit owned a motel. Rajinda, Kavita and Harjit all worked there all year. Oddly, they received their pay in one lump sum for the entire year. Harjit sold the motel, and they are all unemployed. But they do not collect because they did not receive wages during two quarters, but only during one!
Geraldine Blaeser June, 1999
They fired her because she met with a potential competitor.
Carlotta Arradondo June, 1999
It appears an office romance went wrong.
Rick Burton vs. Quality Assured Label June, 1999
He asked to be promoted. Instead, they offered him a severance package. He collects.
Sandra Dauer vs. ELO Enghineering May, 1999
A married woman started fooling around with a co-worker. When other people at the plant started talking about her, she quit. She does not collect.
Central Specialties vs. Commissioner May, 1999
One family owned four road construction companies. Three had high tax rates, one had the minimum tax rate. They laid off everyone from the three high-rated companies, and hired them on to the one low-rated company, and sub-contracted the work from the other three to the one. The court says they can do that!
James Watts vs. Modern Age Representatives May, 1999
This salesman is deemed an independent contractor.
Michael Johansen vs Central Trading and Recycling May, 1999
He quit because the owner was rude. He does not collect.
Shannon Plaster vs. Filmtec May, 1999
Over thirteen months, she was tardy seven times, so they fired her. She says she should collect because the last time that she was late, she was caught in a traffic jam.
Mike Baltz vs. Fidelity Services May, 1999
The janitor was told to clean three buildings in a night. He had done all three the night before. He told the employer to take one building off his list, or he would quit. They said go ahead. He only cleaned one building, not three. They fired him. He does not collect.
Janice Olsen May, 1999
She did not meet quota. They warned her they would fire her if she did not pick up the pace. So she quit.
James Saydee vs Technifoam May, 1999
He cannot collect unemployment because he is a full-time student.
James Kelly vs. REO Plastics April, 1999
He got in a shoving match trying to get to the time clock. He does not collect.
Kathy Tarnoski vs. Fridley Video April, 1999
A video store manager kept pet rabbits running loose all over the store. The new store owner did not like rabbits pooping on his carpet.
Mitalia Troche vs. Jean Thorne April, 1999
She worked for a temp service. They repeatedly left messages trying to offer her assignments, but she did not respond. So they sent a letter, offering an assignment. Again, she did not answer. She does not collect.
Zahra Ahmed vs. Quality Staffing April, 1999
While waiting almost a year for her appeal to be decided, this Somali immigrant with poor English did not file weekly for benefits, so now they do not want to pay her.
Mike Oliverez vs. David Beaudet et al April, 1999
They had hired him, they could fire him, they told him what to do, when to do it, hired his assistants, gave him tools and materials, paid him by the hour, and he worked on their premises. Yet, they claim that he is an independent contractor, so they should not be taxed for unemployment.
Gwendolyn Wood vs Valley View Health Care April, 1999
She got in an argument with a resident of the nursing home. Management met to talk with her about it, but she quit and walked out. She does not collect.
Cassandra Smith vs. Piper Jaffray April, 1999
She got several poor performance reviews, and was passed over for several promotions. She claimed it was because she is black. She quit. She does not collect.
Tou Thao vs. Hmong American Partnership March, 1999
He was fired for harassment when he admitted having accepted a sexual bribe from a client. He collects.
Loel Charles vs. MN Correctional Facility March, 1999
He quit, moved to Las Vegas, and got a job in a casino. Then he quit that to take care of the children, because his wife made more than he did. Now he wants Unemployment. He does not collect.
Ronald Ficek vs. Victor Valley College March, 1999
A counselor couldn't take the job. His psychiatrist told him to stay away from there. He collects.
Bonnie Vendsel vs. MN Correctional Facility March, 1999
She didn't like working there. They tried to work it out. Finally, she quit. She does not collect.
Yvonne Hill vs. Deborah Lehnus March, 1999
Yvonne Hill was hired to clean the office. Someone left a note saying she had not cleaned something. She got in a fight about it. She does not collect.
David Tasden vs American Carton March, 1999
On his tax forms, he claimed he was self-employed, and took deductions. On his unemployment forms, he claimed he was employed, and took unemployment. The court says this was fraud.
Linda Fleming vs. REH Hennepin March, 1999
An attendant at a home for the retarded quit because she was afraid of the residents. She does not collect.
Daina Antonaitis vs Piraga Northwoods February, 1999
She argued with management, criticized ownership, ducked staff meetings, would not communicate, evaded inventory, and got fired. She does not collect.
Pamela Schulte vs Minneapolis Postal Data February, 1999
She says she stayed away from work because she was afraid of sexual harassment, but does not say that any occurred. She does not collect.
Roland Foreman vs Atlas Temporaries February, 1999
He quit his temp assignment because of medical problems, but didn't tell anyone about them.
Kathy Poplar vs. Dolphin Clerical February, 1999
An employee of a temp agency refused assignment because she had vacation plans. She does not collect.
Kathy Briesmeister vs. Preferred Staffing February, 1999
An employee of a temp firm refused assignments because they would "lead to an unstable employment history." She does not collect.
Leslie Kukkonen vs. MDI Govt. Services February, 1999
He refused to take a blood alcohol test. He does not collect.
Paul Oudekerk vs Barrett Const. February, 1999
He was laid off from the construction company. They called him to work, but he said he couldn't go, because he had to do community service to work off a traffic fine. He does not collect.
Anna Marie Carroll vs. Grand Casino Mille Lacs February, 1999
A chambermaid quit because she said they made her do more work than other maids. She does not collect.
Peggy Niederer vs. Super 8 Motel February, 1999
A man complained that he had called the day before and the desk clerk told him the motel was full. It was not. They fired her. She says she did not tell him that. She collects.
Abdulahi Isse vs. Alamo Rent-A-Car Feb, 1999
He was supposed to be washing cars, but he was on the phone. Someone told him to get to work. Instead, he got in a fight. He does not collect.
Julia Rupert vs Doubletree Guest Suites January, 1999
She testified that she had quit. But now she says she did not quit. Nevertheless, she also says she quit with good cause attributable to her employer, because her employer asked her for her full name. Worse yet, when she called in to the office, she was put on hold for a while.


Linda Johnson vs. Advanced Duplicating December, 1998
She couldn't get along with her supervisor, so she quit. She does not collect because she did not give the employer a chance to remedy her situation.
Sheryl Pavelka vs. Dowco Valve December, 1998
They hired someone else to help her, and paid the new person a bigger bonus than her. She says she was stressed. So she quit. She does not collect.
Kula Roberts vs. Heritage of Edina December, 1998
She was fired for abusing a nursing home resident. She does not collect.
Oak Hills Living Center vs Marion Anderson December, 1998
The union contract said that if the state reduced what they paid the Center, then the Center could reduce what they paid the employees. The state reduced. The Center reduced. The union struck. They do not collect.
Olivia Johnson vs. Allied Interstate December, 1998
She worked there eight months, then took maternity leave. When her leave was up, they offered her a job. She declined because she, her mother, and her baby were all living in her car, and her mother was prevented by a restraining order from entering the employer's property, so she couldn't drive to work. She does not collect.
Dorinda Anderson vs. Red Lake Falls Publishing December, 1998
She asked for a raise. They said no. She gave two months notice. They said go ahead and leave sooner, if you want. She did. She does not collect.
Anne Bradley Nov., 1998
She said she was unemployed when she was not.
Wanda Toohey Nov., 1998
A bar manager let employees hang around drinking after closing time; which, it turns out, is against the law.
Nadine Kehn vs. Insty Prints November, 1998
She asked for reduced hours because of family problems. They agreed. But when they reduced her salary accordingly, she quit. She thought she should work fewer hours for the same pay. She does not collect.
Kenny Peterson vs. American Commercial Security November, 1998
They hired him as a security guard, sent him to a couple of days' training, then assigned him. But when he showed up at the assignment, they said he needed more training. He got irate and quit. He does not collect.
Arla McNamara Oct., 1998
A Goodwill employee was fired for purchasing discounted merchandise.
Richard Judge vs. PSS October, 1998
The dispatcher says he quit because the taxi drivers harassed him.
Charles Crawford vs. Star Tribune October 1998
After four documented misconducts, he was fired. He does not collect.
Ed Woods Sept., 1998
He tape recorded co-workers while he was out of the room, then confronted them about what they had said.
Lori Liston Sept., 1998
An asthmatic lifeguard could not take the chlorine fumes. It was so bad that the health inspector closed down the pool. But they still won't give her unemployment.
Connie McCullough vs. Bureau of Engraving July, 1988
She was fired for three unexcused absences, but the union contract required procedures which weren't followed. She collects.
James Jamnick Jul., 1998
A teacher does not collect unemployment during summer vacation.
Matthew Ryan May, 1998
A waiter worked two jobs. After ten years at job A, they re-assigned him to a shift that conflicted with job B, even though he had told them what hours he would be available. He clouds the issue by claiming they really fired him because he is openly homosexual and wore an aids ribbon which they told him to take off.
Bolan vs. Hennepin -- March, '98
A home health care aide refused an assignment because it paid less than he usually got. He collects.
Bentley Heyne Feb., 1998
Sometimes he was late. Sometimes he went awol. Sometimes he came to work drunk. Sometimes he even drank on the job. He thinks he should collect unemployment.
Olson vs. Paulson Feb., 1998
A gravel truck driver is not an independent contractor.
Johnson vs. Economy -- Febr., '98
He asked the company to lay him off for a couple of months because he had a family problem. At the end of his layoff he made excuses not to come back, so they fired him. He collects.
Roberta Jacoway Jan., 1998
A postal worker slept on the job, was drunk on the job, and was insubordinate on the job, but only when she showed up for the job. But she thinks she should collect unemployment because none of these things violated her labor contract.
Blair Jensen Jan., 1998
He was driving 150 miles a day to work. The hours dwindled to 30 hours a day. So he quit. He does not collect.


Roberson vs. Lino Lakes -- Dec., '97
A guard dated an inmate's girlfriend. He does not collect.
Larson vs. Farm Services -- Dec., '97
Her boss was a genuine jackass, so she quit. She collects.
Lueck vs. Byerly's -- Dec., '97
She drank on the job. They sent her to rehab. She went on drinking. Finally, she got totally hammered and had to be toted home. They fired her. She thinks she should collect.
Schmitz vs. Embassy Suites -- Dec., '97
She bad-mouthed the hotel in front of a guest. She does not collect.
Heurung vs. Data Card -- Dec., '97
He quit because they had him working 66 hours a week and on call on the holidays. He doesn't collect.
Hardwig vs. Fingerhut -- Dec., '97
She went into a colleague's purse to look at her bonus check. She doesn't collect.
Dilliard vs. Storefront/Youth -- Nov., '97
He calls it whistleblowing. They call it misconduct.
Hanson vs. Zenith Disposal -- Nov., '97
He hurt his knee on the job. He was out on disability. When he returned, they gave him a helper. The doctor thought he was good to go. But his knee hurt, and he quit. He doesn't collect.
Gjovik vs. Viking Sprinkler -- Nov., '97
She had a temporary job 56 hours a week all summer. They offered her a permanent job, but at starting a half hour before her day care opened. She quit. She doesn't collect.
Clark vs. Malco Products -- Nov., '97
He told his employer he was quitting to go back to school. He told the state agency he quit because they were going to drastically cut his pay.
Johnson vs. Douglas Corp. -- Nov., '97
He was late all the time and missed a lot of Fridays. He doesn't collect.
EMC vs. Moore -- Nov., '97
Their policy said you couldn't leave a voice mail message to call off; you had to talk with a supervisor. But she couldn't get through to her supervisor, so she left a message. She collects.
Jarosz vs. Carlson Co. -- Nov., '97
He liked to do things his own way. They'd rather have it done their way. He doesn't collect.
New Beginnings -- Oct., '97
She used a patient lift alone, and she put two residents to bed before 8pm, so they fired her. She does not collect.
Fury vs. Northern Star -- Oct., '97
He says he was fired for complaining to OSHA. They say they fired him for writing friendly letters to a colleague. He doesn't collect.
Hatle vs. Banner Creations -- Oct., '97
He was told to post a schedule and didn't. He doesn't collect.
Irene Mandler vs. Lino Lakes -- Oct., '97
A female prison guard got too friendly with an inmate and was fired. She doesn't collect.
Sundgaard vs. Stroh's -- Sept., '97
He was sleeping on the job.
Welsch vs. Firestone -- Sept., '97
Chronically late and absent.
Tom Kehoe -- Sept., '97
The company was downsizing. They paid him to take early retirement. He doesn't collect.
Lon Hoy vs. Contenental Grain -- Sept., '97
He quit because "his mind was not on work."
Rossin vs. Lutheran Choir -- Sept., '97
He started up a music group of his own, so the choir fired him for conflict of interest. He doesn't collect.
Ellsworth vs. Ace Auto -- Sept., '97
He says he didn't steal the car radio. All they have on him is hearsay. But everyone including his girlfriend says he stole. He doesn't collect.
Wessels vs. SMI -- Aug., '97
She took a job with a crew of roofers. She didn't like their dirty jokes, they cussed, there was no toilet for her, and the foreman wouldn't give her her check until the end of the shift. She quit. She collects.
Christenson vs. Episcopal Home -- Aug., '97
She quit because the patients abused her. She doesn't collect because she didn't give the employer a chance to solve the problem.
Pilot City vs. Poole -- Aug., '97
He hurt his knee in March. He was supposed to be out two weeks. By July, despite repeated requests, he still did not have a prognosis. They fired him. He collects.
Torres vs. Conagra -- July, '97
He cut his thumb at work. The doctor sent him back to work with restrictions. The company wouldn't give him light duty. He collects.
Savage vs. Cityscape Contractors -- July, '97
The boss cussed, so he quit.
Holloman vs. AT&T -- July, '97
He threatened a colleague.
Ahlberg vs. Catholic Charities -- July, '97
If she suspected sexual abuse, she was supposed to send the child to the sexual abuse specialists. She didn't. She was fired for not following protocol. She doesn't collect.
Finn vs. Leech Lake -- July, '97
All the car travel he had to do was hurting his back, and he didn't get a raise, so he quit. He doesn't collect.
Kalberg vs. Park & Rec. -- June, '96
A coke addict was always out high. He went through one drug rehab after another, but kept on snorting. They fired him. Why does he collect? Because he kept on going through one rehab after another.
Olsen vs. Distribution Centers -- May, '97
Another open and shut case based on simple poor attendance.
Gentilini vs. Union Gospel Mission -- May, '97
The state agency wants to collect Unemployment taxes from this non-profit homeless shelter because, it says, they hand out more free meals than they hold religious services. What?
Golant vs. MCS -- May, '97
An agency provides interpreters. They are independent contractors, because the agency doesn't tell them what to do.
Campbello vs. RNW -- May, '97
He was off work 5 weeks, but during those 5 weeks the employer cut him a check for the 2 weeks before he was laid off. Now the state wants to penalize him because he didn't take off work, after the five weeks were up and he was back to work, to come to the hearing.
Carlos Jimenez vs. Leaders Mfg. -- April, 97
They say he taped over the safety switch, and hid it with a baseball cap, so they fired him.
Johnson vs. Vision Wolrd -- April, '97
He had surgery, and was out for weeks. But he never said a word to his employer. They figured it was a voluntary quit. The company offered to keep him on, but he didn't show. He doesn't collect.
Hanson vs. Nativity Child -- April, '97
She was fired for spanking a child, and doesn't collect.
Grundhauser vs. Home Depot -- April, '97
He gave his brother a discount on siding. He doesn't collect.
Scheunemann vs. Radisson -- April, '97
She says she was fired for complaining about harassment. The hearing officer would even let her talk about it. The court sends it back to the Commission to listen to her.
Posch vs. St. Otto's -- April, '97
The resident says someone stole his pain pills. This attendant says he didn't do it. He collects.
Ehlenz vs. Northern Oil -- April, '97
They changed him from salary to commission, so he quit. He does not collect.
Schleyer vs. Riverside Medical -- April, '97
He quit to take much higher pay at a temporary job in Saudi Arabia. But that was not an American company, so he can't collect now that the temporary job is over.
Delta vs. Commissioner -- April, '97
Two men bought the company they worked for and reorganized it. They don't want the predecessor's Unemployment rate. But the court will make them take it.
Jacobs vs. Comfort Bus -- April, '97
He got a ticket while driving a school bus, so he just stopped coming in.
Glass vs. ASP Inc. -- April, '97
A crabby security guard wouldn't let an employee in, so she was fired. She doesn't collect.
Oien vs. Benton County -- April, '97
A subordinate complained he had harassed her. He retaliated. He was suspended. They told him don't even talk to her about it. He did. They fired him. He won't collect.
Munson vs. U of M Hospital -- March, '97
She quit because she says they got on her back after she complained to the EEO. Now she complains that they are bouncing her from one hearing judge to another. Court says she won't collect.
LaFleur vs. Bradley Exterminating -- March, '97
He says when they hired him on they promised he could go to his son's hockey games. On this weekend, they told him don't go, but he went anyway. He doesn't collect.
Kusilek vs. Yellow Freight -- Feb., '97
He tested positive for drugs. But he collects because they didn't run the test twice.
Commissioner vs. Darla Nubson -- Feb., '97
There was a whole long string of poor performance and carelessness, ending up in one last straw, for which they fired her. But the last straw isn't misconduct, so she collects.
Dawson vs. Lowertown -- Feb., '97
She didn't show and didn't call.
Schmieg vs. Metro. Council -- Feb., '97
A bus driver, off duty but in uniform, shot up a couple of cars and got two months in prison. He never told his employer; he took sick leave to cover his jail time. When they found out, they fired him, because he had his uniform on when he shot up the cars.
Gilchrist vs. Applied Coating -- Feb., '97
They wanted to make him supervisor, but he said not unless he got a raise. So they fired him.
Partyka vs. Denny's -- Feb., '97
They deny they promised to promote her and give her regular hours so she could arrange day care. At any rate, they didn't, so she quit. The court says the state agency should find out what did they promise.
Rock vs. Nordstrom -- Jan., '97
A store supplier gave her a pair of shoes. She "returned" them to the store for cash. They fired her.
Armstrong vs. St. Francis -- Jan., '97
A drug counselor got depressed and quit. She thinks she should collect for that.
Hudacek vs. Labounty Mfg. -- Jan., '97
Always on a bender, or in detox, or sleeping it off; never at work.
Dey vs. Hennepin County -- Jan., '97
She quit to take care of her dad. She could have taken family leave, but no one told her about it. She thinks that's why she should collect.
Anonen vs. Eagles Club -- Jan., '97
He filched steak and bacon from the club's larder. This court says he collects because he was the acting manager that evening, and so he gave himself permission to take home the bacon. I would like to be acting manager of the bank.
Haskins vs. Choice Auto -- Jan., '97
When he quit, he said it was by mutual consent. When he applied for Unemployment, he said it was because of safety concerns.


Abbey vs. Samaritan -- Dec., '96
She says she put in for vacation to start the 20th. They say she put in for the 27th. When she found out they were mad at her, she came in. They say she quit.
Paradeau vs. MainStreet -- Dec., 96
The new store owner reduced her salary several hundred dollars, telling her she could make it up on bonuses. She didn't. She quit. She won't collect.
Clemons vs. Prescription Landscape -- Dec., '96
He was late almost every day. He ran a driver off the road, mooned someone, splashed someone, knocked over a mailbox, all in the company van. He doesn't collect.
Galt vs. Hermantown Amoco -- Dec., '96
The shop changed his commission structure. He wound up making a lot more money. But he got mad and quit anyway.
City of Moorehead Dec., 1996
A policeman wasn't supposed to work for anyone else. After asking for permission and getting no response for months, he went ahead and worked a trade show. They suspended him. While on suspension, he answered phones in a friend's office. They fired him. He collects.
Daniels vs. Palubicki's -- Dec., '96
A case of voluntary quit, without much explanation.
Jones vs. Century Tool -- Dec., '96
While he was away on medical leave, they started training someone else to operate his machine. When he came back, they asked him to operate another machine while they went on with the training. He left in a huff, and wouldn't even answer the phone when they called.
Kendall vs. Mellas Electric -- Dec., '96
He got in a shouting match with the boss. The boss said he'd better take some time off to change his attitude. He collects.
Rice vs. Lutheran Services -- Nov., '96
She made her colleague cry. She stormed out of the boss's office. She was mad at the world. They fired her.
Alich vs. JC Penny -- Oct., '96
She complained of harassment and quit, all in the same breath, without giving the employer a chance to do anything about it.
Betalom vs. Campbell's Soup -- Oct., '96
He refused to wear his safety gloves. Twice, he flat refused to work. And yet, he drags this through the courts, in the belief that he should collect.
Wehner vs. Carlson Co. -- Sept., '96
He was jailed for DUI. He phoned his employer and told them to send his paycheck to jail. But he never said he'd be out a week. They said he abandoned his job.
Tillman vs. Claire's Boutique's -- Sept., '96
She said they were always on her back. They say her performance wasn't up to snuff. She doesn't collect.
Foley School Dist. -- Sept., '96
She put pressure on the school board with a sex discrimination claim, so they gave her a five thousand dollar raise to avoid lawsuit. She quit because the whole ordeal stressed her out. She doesn't collect.
Brooks vs. Unysis -- Aug., '96
She didn't like their ethics code, which required her to rat on colleagues, so she quit.
Koski vs. USX -- Aug., '96
He was fired for removing no smoking stickers from the elevators. Doesn't collect.
Neve vs. Austin Herald -- Aug., '96
This court says that this newspaper bundle carrier is an independent contractor, so the paper doesn't have to pay Unemployment tax.
Johnson vs. Sholom Home -- Aug., '96
They tried to make her do more, so she quit. Doesn't collect.
Garcia vs. Macalester College -- Aug., 96
She thought she had 15 business days to appeal. This court says it's only 15 calendar days.
Hein vs. Gresen -- Aug., '96
He failed his drug test, went thru rehab, and failed it again. He thinks he should collect because he did the drugs at home and not at work.
Thompson vs. Potlatch -- Aug., 96
He was always arguing, threatening, calling people names, so they fired him. He doesn't collect.
Buer vs. Presbyterian -- Aug., '96
She was demoted for poor performance, so she quit. She won't collect.
St. Jo's Gas & Bait vs. Cole -- Aug., '96
They met in his bar. He hired her on the spot. They were doing the deed, of course. But after awhile, she didn't like him any more, and told him to stop fondling her. Then she quit. She collects.
Care Transportation vs. Commissioner -- Aug., '96
They don't want to pay the Unemployment tax on their drivers, because they say the drivers are independent contractors. The court says they pay.
Samardich vs. Caddyshack -- July, '96
He cashed company checks and spent the money, wouldn't let the president look at the books, didn't pay the taxes, and there was other money missing, too. The president had to get an injunction to keep him out. Yet, he thinks he should collect Unemployment!
Mallo vs. Detector Electronics -- July, '96
They offered him a promotion. He didn't want it. In the course of discussing this with the HR manager, he complained about his supervisor. The HR manager told the supervisor. To cut a long story short, they offered him a severance to quit. He quit. Now he doesn't collect.
Martinson vs. Micro Voice -- July, '96
She thought they did not support her department, so she quit. She does not collect.
Klein vs. Search Resources -- July, '96
He wins the case by saying the employer did not appeal on time.
Jeri Wilke -- July, '96
They took two years to decide that they had overpaid her, way back in '93. But because she took more than fifteen days to appeal, they won't even listen to her.
Barrett vs. Northstar -- July, '96
She was a compliance officer who reported an instance of noncompliance. They demoted her, though they paid her the same salary. She quit. She doesn't collect.
Cichy vs. Breckenridge High -- June, '96
He says he quit because he was sick. They say he quit because he was elected to the school board. So does this court.
Francisco vs. United Microlabs -- June, '95
A half dozen people called in complaining about this trucker's driving. He had a couple of bumper thumpers. So they fired him. The court says he does not collect.
Voegtli vs. Maint. Experts -- June, '96
He cussed the boss and threatened the crew. He doesn't collect.
Maltaverne vs. Highland Mfg. -- June, '96
He missed his appeal by one day. He's out of luck.
Yaggy vs. DES -- June, '96
She did not call in when absent.
Fettes vs. Mayo Foundation -- May, '96
They said that her post doctorate fellowship work does not qualify her for benefits. The court says yes it does.
Fairbanks vs. Hennepin County -- May, '96
He didn't like his first performance review, got mad, and quit. Does not collect.
Sommers vs. Liberty Carton -- May, '96
He was fired for fighting. His witness says the other guy started it. Still, the court says he doesn't collect.
Williams vs. Pete's Repair -- May, '96
He turned in his tools and said he was fed up. But he says he didn't quit.
Horman vs. Martin, D.C. -- May, '96
The doctor used to fool around with her. Now there's another girl in the office he fools around with. She quit because she was jealous.
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