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A company does not want to pay unemployment tax on crop adjusters who the company regards as independent contractors.
She collects because everything against her is based on hearsay.
A negligent pilot does not collect.
A cop was found guilty of assault while off-duty, so they fired him. He does not collect.
When he started discussing a job offer from a competitor, he was fired.
An agency assigning physical therapists must pay unemployment tax on a therapist who they regard as an independent contractor.
He did not have a doctor's note. But he did have advice from an LPN.
A meter reader cannot get along with others in the department, get complaints from homeowners, claims he is the victim of racial harassment, but refuses to give any names or incidents, takes off for leave and stays past the end of his leave, takes off for sickness but brings no doctor's note... etc.
Moved from Illinois to Montana. Wants to sue Illinois unemployment in the Montana courts. No jurisdiction.
Stimson Lumber
While lumber plant shut down for maintenance, it paid the union employees vacation pay. But now they want to collect unemployment as well.
They fired her without giving her any reason at all. So she collects.
A prison guard admitted an unauthorized person carrying scissors to visit a prisoner in his cell.
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