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North Carolina Unemployment Case Law
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Stress, working conditions, and sore feet made her quit. These are not considered good cause for a voluntary quit.
She took a hard drive home so she could do more work at home. She also claimed copyright to the company catalog because she had made this catalog prior to becoming an employee.
The company had a strict points-based attendance policy. This employee never quite exceeded the maximum points, but got fired anyway.
Fired because he refused to work overtime, and denied benefits for the same reason.
Stress, absenteeism, doctor's notes with vague diagnoses, confrontations with colleagues.
She quit because of sexual harassment. But she did not collect Unemployment because (1) The employer had a policy which forbade harassment, and (2) She never told upper management about her problem.
An amazing tale of petty recriminations between Peace and the Employment Security Commission. After many thousands spent on lawyers by both sides, all over a cup of coffee, one thing is apparent: there is plenty of insecurity, little of peace, at the Employment Security Commission.
Repeated errors in his work lead to warnings, then to termination.
The state thinks he should accept a job offer at half his former salary.
Two employees refused to work under their manager because he stole from the store. One received unemployment benefits; the other did not.
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