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New Hampshire Unemployment Case Law
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Dept. of Employment Security
Here, the state Unemployment agency itself retaliated against a whistleblower.
John Hancock
They try to maintain that their brokers are independent contractors. No dice.
A diabetic had such extreme hypoglycemic reactions that he got fired for inappropriate and unsafe behavior.
School bus drivers cannot collect unemployment during school vacations
The state would not pay him unemployment for 9 months because they said that his severance pay was earnings. So he was disqualified because he was earning money. But after the disqualification was up, he applied again. And now the state says he does not qualify because his severance pay was not earnings, and so he has no earning during the base period. The court says he collects because they are contradicting themselves.
He was a town "selectman", with meetings each Monday night. DES says that means he is disqualified from unemployment because he is not available for work.
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