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South Carolina Unemployment Case Law
These cases are from the S.C. Judiciary
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Two staffing agencies cannot find him work, yet he can't collect unemployment because of technicalities.
A business owner can not collect unemployment when business slumps.
Milliken & Co.
They say he made a disturbance in the break room. But he has witnesses saying he was well-behaved. The court does not know who was telling the truth, so they send it back to the SCESC.
They said he smoked pot on the job, and fired him. But they never fought the Unemployment claim. Now he's suing them for defamation, etc. And he says that by not fighting the claim, they admit his case, and can't fight him in court. This court says of course they can.
Compare this collateral estoppel case with the article titled: When The Chips Are Downed.
While out on Workers' Comp, he got laid off. The money he received from Workers' Comp. may not be used to compute his unemployment benefit.
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