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Tennessee Unemployment Case Law
These cases are from the Tennessee Supreme Court Server
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After sixteen years, they decided she did not work well with others.
He lost his CDL when diagnosed with narcolepsy.
She quit because she was traumatized after being assaulted by an inmate in an unguarded area. The TWC says she didn't have good cause to quit because the area is guarded now. Almost four years later, the court says pay the poor woman, she's got good reason to feel too scared to go back there.
She quit when demoted.
Injured off the job. Cannot do the work. Her union contract says the company should give her a light duty job. They did not. But this does not entitle her to unemployment.
He always took off to spend Thanksgiving with his children. A new HR person didn't know this so did not schedule him off. He took off anyway.
A restaurant dishwasher quit her job because there was grease on the floor.
He worked piecework, doing one type of assembly. The supervisor told him to assemble something else, which took more time, without agreeing what price would be paid. When he got to the other work station, he found there weren't enough pieces to keep him making money anyway. So he went back to his regular task.
She collects because the supervisor who attended the hearing for the company did not have first hand knowledge.
Greenwell et al
Because the plant was shut down for one day maintenance on the day that the union voted to strike, the strikers were granted unemployment on the grounds this was a lockout.
He refused to pack those inserts with the orders because they were contrary to his religious beliefs.
A waitress took three or four dollars from a tip bucket, thinking they were hers.
Fired from Wendy's because she refused to tuck in her shirt.
A trash man attempts to appeal to the court. His case is dismissed because he did not name all relevant parties in his appeal.
Company policy forbids affairs between co-workers.
He is not eligible for unemployment because he did not earn enough. He did not earn enough because he was incarcerated, where he earned low wages.
An investigation into missing city funds turns up allegations of drugs. So they jumped the gun and fired her. But nothing was proved, so she collects.
She quit because she was working too hard. Now, she thinks she should collect unemployment. The court says no.
She got a job lifting dishwashers onto a conveyor. On her employment application, she failed to mention that she had a bad back. Soon, she complained that she had hurt her back on this job, and filed a Worker's Comp. case.
Took a week off for a leg injury; but nevr called in and never turned in the paperwork.
Absent several times without calling in.
He has 170 pages of reprimands in his personnel file, yet he claims they fired him because of race.
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