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The employer ordered her to sign a medical authorization. She did, but wrote that it was under protest. They call that insubordination.
She bought land from a man who wears foil on his head to prevent detection by the aliens, and ... well, it's an odd case.
Berry Contracting
A contracting company had a bad experience rate. So they opened a new account, transferred two employees there, established a good rate, then transferred the rest of their workers to that new account.
He files suit in one court after another. None will listen to him because he first appeal was late.
The allegation of misconduct which brought her to the HR office was never proved; but the way she conducted herself in the HR office is called misconduct.
First, she appealed to the Tribunal three months late. Then, she appealed to the Commission three months late. Next year, this appeal ensues. Late is late. Once you miss the first deadline, that's it; the rest of the process has no jurisdiction.
Because he first appealed his unemployment case to small claims court, he cannot now appeal to the appellate court.
He says he quit because of safety concerns. The Commissions disagrees.
In an appeal to district court, you can't just forward the whole transcript of hearings; you have to excerpt and explain.
The lady didn't like his ribald joke. They fired him for sexual harassment.
Because she did not transcribe the transcript of her hearing, the court won't consider the evidence in it.
The issue appears to be whether they fired him for making phone calls or for denying it.
His appeal is on time because it was mailed by the deadline, even though it was not received until after the deadline.
She filed her appeal to the court on time, but failed to name the Commission in it. By the time she amended her filing, it was too late to file.
Fired for falsifying and employment application. But technically he hadn't.
He inadvertently filed his appeal in district court in the wrong county. By the time he found out, withdrew that appeal, and filed in the right county, it was too late.
The City sold its parking lots to a company which promised to hire the city employees. She didn't want to work for the company because she didn't want to lose her city benefits. She's laid off.
Fired for using his personal email account for company business.
They say he was fired for "breach of trust", but there was no misconduct.
A horse race track argues that because the racing schedule is state regulated, an employee laid off at the end of a season should not be charged to their account.
The hearing before the Texas Workforce Commission establishes the facts. On appeal, a court may not substitute its own judgement on what the facts may or may not be.
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