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Applied a year in advance for a three month unpaid leave to ride her bike across the country for charity. When she returned, her job was gone.
While collectying unemployment, he applied for workers compensation. Once worker's comp was granted, they required him to pay back what he collected in unemployment.
The town clerk may not appeal an unemployment compensation eligibility granted to the assistant town clerk because he personally is not charged for those benefits.
Fleece on Earth
Even ladies knitting sweaters at home for piece work are employees on whom the business must pay unemployment taxes.
A town cop quit. Was denied unemployment. Won on his second appeal. Benefits paid and charged to the town's reimbursable account. The town wants to appeal this decision; but the court says that since the town has to pay these reimbursable charges win or lose, therefore they have no legal standing to appeal.
This "Integration Specialist" was hired by the school system to work from February through June. They said he could take his Summer pay in one lump sum, rather than monthly payments. That's what he chose. But now he is suing the employer for paying him in a way which disqualified him from collecting Unemployment.
Could not get along with the supervisor.
Mid Vermont Christian School
The state sent them a letter saying their religious school was exempt from unemployment taxes. Later, the state has changed its mind.
A part-time bartender at the Moose left her regular full time job. The Moose should not be charged for her unemployment benefits.
Turned down a job because it was five hours away from home. That is not an offer of suitable employment. Why does he have to fight for this claim?
This is a complicated dispute about a successor rate.
The deadline for his appeal expired on Sunday, when the post office was closed; he mailed his appeal Monday.
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