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She got carpal tunnel from her work. Now she wants another job which won't affect her hand. The company doesn't have a job for her. She says they should. This is an odd case in that here, someone is suing to get a job, rather than suing to collect for not having one. She loses.
He couldn't account for where he disappeared to from 3 to 5pm. The court says he doesn't collect.
One custodian got in a fight with another, picked up a chair, and threatened to beat his brains out with it. He was fired. He thinks he should collect. The court says no.
This strip club says their ecdesiasts are independent contractors, so they don't have to pay Unemployment taxes on them. The court says yes you do.
Bernhard & Seib
They were fired for a "Labor Slowdown". The court says they don't collect.
Berry et al
When their outfit downsized, they took the offer of early retirement and severance. Now they can't collect Unemployment.
Brauneis et al
Workers may collect during a lock out.
A school guidance counselor's contract is not renewed, but he is offered another job 180 miles away. He collects.
He refused to take out the garbage. In fact, he got downright rude to the customer about it.
She was late over and over again. She does not think that is misconduct.
He had a 30 hour a week job. He cut back to 15 hours, so he could take a full time job. The new job fired him after eight days. The 15 hour job wouldn't give him back his 30 hours. So he quit. Now he wants to collect. The court sends it back to the Board.
Cranberry Springs
This farm family in effect made themselves their own tenant farmers. The LIRC wants to collect Unemployment taxes on them. This court sends the case back for more fact finding.
He violated a last chance agreement.
The high school basketball coach had his hours cut back. The court says he collects.
A deputy was convicted of obstructing justice in a family dispute (his own family). They canned him. But the court says that is not misconduct! He collects.
First Federal
Two banks merged to form a third bank. That bank wants to enjoy the rating and reserve of the predecessors. This is a case full of technicalities. The bank loses.
She runs an agency which finds gigs for musicians. The LIRC wants her to pay Unemployment taxes on the musicians. The court says they are independent contractors.
Fired for lying at her workers compensation hearing.
He took an early retirement buyout. Now he can't collect Unemployment.
In this country, you can go to court for anything. She says she has a judgement against the Unemployment agency for $2,527,398.15 (plus interest). But she can't produce the judgement, and there's no record of it. Dismissed.
Head Start Teachers
Teachers can't collect Unemployment during the Summer break. However, this court says that head start teachers can.
After he came back from disability, he could only do light duty. They fired him. The decision whether he can collect hinges on whether he can perform 15% of the jobs in his area.
She retouched photos at home for a company which claims that therefore they are not liable for Unemployment taxes because she is an independent contractor. The court says the state can collect taxes.
He was late for his hearing. He has a whole list of odd occurences which made him late. No matter. He is out of luck.
First she made them to take the pinups off the walls. Then she made them take the pinups out of their toolboxes. Every cuss word, every pencil drawing, every time someone scratched himself, she got her dander up. She even complained when they used her piece of cardboard. She could do the job, but she couldn't get along with the men in this shop. Finally, they fired her. She says it was sexual harassment. The court says it was not.
The period during which he was suspended with pay does not help him qualify for unemplyment.
He cussed out the boss, loud, long, and repeatedly. Question is: why did they have to drag this through so many courts before deciding that he was insubordinate?
He did not want to clean up blood, so they fired him. He won't collect.
One knucklehead was always making fun of Mexicans. Neither the employer nor the union would do anything about him. A Mexican finally got mad and attacked the knucklehead. He wasn't fired. Then the knucklehead started making fun of Jesus Lopez. Jesus couldn't get anyone to stop him. Jesus snapped and attacked the clod. Jesus got fired. Now he can't collect unemployment.
They say this phone repairman falsified his time sheet to cover up when he was goofing off. He says they only have hearsay that he was goofing off. The court says he doesn't collect.
He tested positive for drugs. They sent him to drug rehab. He tested positive again. He says he should collect because there is a disclaimer on the bottom of the test result. This court says he doesn't collect.
A truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and rolled his truck. The company fired him. That was their published policy. Nevertheless, the court says he collects.
A rent-a-cop was fired for sleeping on the job. He thinks he should collect Unemployment. The court says no.
Milwaukee Immediate Care Systems
A clinic claims that its doctors are independent contractors. The court says no, you have to pay the tax.
Newton Mfg.
Another case where the employer unsuccessfully claims that the salesmen are independent contractors, and that they don't owe Unemployment taxes on them. They do.
This time the company does succeed in avoiding taxes on independent contractors.
Thompson Newspapers
The newspaper claims that the workers who distribute the newspaper bundles are independent contractors. The court says no; they have to pay taxes on them.
Another strip club says their dancers are independent contractors, so they don't have to pay Unemployment taxes on them. The court says yes you do.
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