last updated August 12, 2003

What Is the Benefit Year? Isn't That The Same As Base Period?

... No, the Benefit Year is not the same as the Base Period.

... After a claim is filed, the claimant has a year during which he can collect up to 26 weeks of benefits (more when Congress votes benefit extensions). That is his Benefit Year.

... All benefits collected during this year are charged against the same Base Period.

... Benefits do not have to be collected consecutively. The claimant may collect several weeks, work several weeks, then collect again, all in the same Benefit Year, and all attributed to the same Base Period.

The Benefit Year is always one year beginning around the week when the claim was filed, EXCEPT:

ARThe Benefit Year starts with the beginning of the calendar quarter in which the claim was filed.
NHThe Benefit Year always starts April First.